More than 190 young men are sexually assaulted by Asian men

 More than 190 young men are sexually assaulted by Asian men

The biggest rapist in Britain is sentenced! More than 190 victims (source: pear video)

On the 6 day of the local date, Leonard Sinagan, an Indonesian Indonesian man, committed 159 cases of sexual assault and was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment by the crown court of Manchester. Police said that over 12 years, Sinaga drugged drunk young men on the street and dragged them to the apartment for sexual assault and recorded the process, with more than 190 victims.

All the monks in the temple are sexually assaulted by the abbot: at least 8 years old, there are outsiders who have sex with them

On December 25, the acting abbot of a temple in longzicuo, Thailand, was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting 11 young monks, the youngest of whom was only 8 years old. According to the report, the abbot would bind the victims hands and feet before committing sexual assault, invite other young monks to watch the animal trade, and even occasionally have outsiders join in the fornication. In order to cover up the crime, the abbot confiscated the victims cell phone to prevent them from contacting the outside world. But some of the victims successfully photographed the victims before the crime was exposed.

Indian girls have been sexually assaulted by their girlfriends and fathers for many years

India today reported on December 25 that a 54 year old Indian woman couldnt bear being sexually assaulted and blackmailed many times. She stuck the mans eyes with strong glue, slit his throat and killed him cruelly. At present, the female murderer has been arrested by the police and detained in prison.