Russian congressman: Iran has come to this stage, and the United States can not get rid of the relationship

 Russian congressman: Iran has come to this stage, and the United States can not get rid of the relationship

Russian Duma building from the news

Suleymani, a senior Iranian officer, was killed in US air strikes last week, and tensions between the US and Iran escalated sharply. Later, Iran announced that it was entering the final stage of suspending the implementation of Irans nuclear agreement, which means that Irans nuclear program will no longer be subject to any practical restrictions. On Friday, when he talked about it, cheppa pointed his finger at the United States. He believed that Irans move was related to the irresponsible action of the United States.

(Iran) is now tied to the United States. The current situation may lead to Irans nuclear program, Russian News quoted cheppa as adding, the key to solving this problem lies in the UN Security Council, which should adopt a resolution condemning the relevant US actions.

The newspaper noted that the Iranian side made the above statement shortly after the killing of general Sulaimani. In the early morning of the 3rd local time, the U.S. military launched a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport, killing Sulaimani, the commander of the Holy City Brigade described as key general by foreign media, and muhandis, the actual leader of the Shiite militia organization peoples mobilization organization.

In a series of responses from Irans leaders on the 3rd, they mourned Sulaimanis martyrdom, lashed out at the atrocities of the United States, and vowed to severely retaliate throughout. Moreover, esmail ghaani, the new commander of Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade, the successor of Sulaimani, also vowed to avenge the killing of Sulaimani by the United States on the 6th, saying that in return for his martyrdom, our goal is to drive the United States out of the region.

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