The United States cant help but want to use its powerful military, but dont forget that

 The United States cant help but want to use its powerful military, but dont forget that

Iranians light the American flag to protest (source: AFP)

Iran announced Friday that it would stop fulfilling its nuclear agreement, and the Iraqi parliament demanded that all foreign forces withdraw from its territory on the same day. Washington must have felt that todays situation in the Middle East is more difficult than before the US killed Sulaimani.

The killing of Sulaimani has left the United States in the worst isolation in the Middle East since this century. So far, few countries have publicly supported Washingtons move, except for Britains belated attachment. After Iraq issued the order to evict to the U.S. military, President trump said that he may impose more severe sanctions on Iraq than Iran, and also asked Iraq to compensate for the construction costs of U.S. bases in Iraq. This is obviously a huge moral dilemma for the United States, and the security situation of the U.S. military in Iraq will deteriorate further.

The Middle East policy of the United States cannot but be said to be very unsuccessful. The American system makes it difficult to deal with a complex problem, but only to take a simple decision. Since the Iraq war in 2003, the United States has fallen into the self worship of its powerful power, and has constantly taken simple measures to build a new front. Every time it does so, it backfires.

US attack on Baghdad airport (source: Reuters)

President Bush was ambitious to transform Iraq and even the Middle East. The Americans at that time certainly did not expect that after they paid a huge cost of life and money, Iraq was more like transformed by Iran. Now the trump administration must think that killing suleymani can be a good example, but the anger aroused by this Assassination is obviously greater than fear. Most of the worlds assassinations backfired, and Washington forgot that.

In recent years, U.S. military spending has continued to rise. Washington actually believes that the U.S. military strength is insufficient and that it has to be several generations stronger than other major countries before they feel at ease. Only in this way can they realize the Daily interests of the United States. This reflects that Washington is falling into an unprecedented and distorted view of national security.

If the military is more powerful, it cant help but use it. Facing countries like Iran, they will think whats the matter with beating you? they may also want to give a look to other open or potential countries that are not convinced, as we said before. However, some things cant be solved by military means, especially the genes of civilization like Iran.

What worries us most is that the restlessness of the election will push America all the way to the dark. In any case, things in the Middle East are still in a state of chaos. Its just as easy to get votes in the upcoming elections as possible. Lets put the rest aside.

Iranians protested against the killing of Sulaimani by the United States. (source: Daily Mail)

Compared with a few years ago, there are at least two dead knots in the Middle East. One is the occupied Palestinian territory, and the other is the Iran nuclear agreement. In order to alleviate the serious contradiction between the two directions, the international community has made great efforts. But todays U.S. government has been overthrown, and in fact, it has only overthrown and reenactment without any shadow. Washingtons big strategy is to get out of the Middle East. What does it take to come back?

Things in the Middle East are highly complex. Now, the United States is in a position of going and staying. With more money and people, it tries to stay as much as possible. The way seems to be to show off its authority in military affairs from time to time. If anyone is not convinced, the missile will fly over to beat him. In that case, the Middle East will suffer, and it risks falling into more serious chaos.

Around Iran, there is another version of America first. The fate of many countries and people in the Middle East has become a test of America first localization. But the simple truth is that this is a globalized world, and the Middle East countries are not good. How can the United States be independent?

If there is a large-scale war in Iran, is that good for the United States? If Washington doesnt want that, why create serious uncertainty? Is it a responsible way to gamble on an outcome that everyone looks up to?

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