Wang Hailin: I dont know who Wu Xuanyi is

 Wang Hailin: I dont know who Wu Xuanyi is

Netease Entertainment reported on January 7 on January 6, Wang Hailin, a well-known screenwriter, responded to the rumor that through Dong Youlin, you can attach Fang Zuming and said, even if you want to find Fang Zuming to act, can his plays be played?? After Wang Hailins dynamic was sent out, a netizen left a message asking him what he thought about Zheng Shuangs swearing and Wu Xuanyis fans. Wang Hailin once again boldly walked the tightrope and sent out the soul question of I dont know who Wu Xuanyi is.

It is reported that Wang Hailin is a well-known screenwriter in the mainland, and has participated in the production of such plays as tiechi Tongya JiXiaolan and watch meteor shower together.

Recently, a gossip entertainment blogger wrote that Zheng Shuangs fans had given tu the hot words of Wu Xuanyi.

If popular terms are all good things of a star, they are all popular, but it is obvious that things are not so simple. Most of the popular terms are turned out by Wu Xuanyis black materials, such as some bad news such as plastic surgery and copywriting.

The comments were full of gunpowder. Wu Xuanyis fans directly called on Zheng Shuang and his fans.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie