Amd releases a new generation of sharp dragon 4000 series mobile processor

 Amd releases a new generation of sharp dragon 4000 series mobile processor

This year AMD is fully committed to providing a great experience for gamers and creators.

The new Reebok product line will have performance class H series, energy efficiency class U series and professional class Pro Series. This generation of APU products, code named Renoir, adopts the highly praised zen2 architecture and Vega core display upgraded by 7Nm process.

Lisa Su mentioned that in the past, the CPU performance of mobile platforms has been improving at a high speed, but the arrival of the sharp dragon 4000 series will accelerate this progress.

First, the new ryzen74800u was released, which is the low-voltage flagship of tdp15w, with the powerful performance of 8-core and 16 threads.

Compared with the i7-1065g7 just released by Youshang, ryzen74800u has completed comprehensive rolling, with multi-core leading range of 90%, graphics performance leading by 28%, and even single core leading by 4%.

For creators, this has led to a significant improvement, fully ahead of competitors latest Icelake flagship.

Later, lisasu showed the ryzen74800u chip on site. It can be seen that the APU adopts a single die design, in which the IO core is packaged together.

After the introduction of rx560xt series, amd has brought the heavy-duty product ryzen74800h. As the first true standard pressure APU, it brings very strong specifications. 8-core 16 thread design, basic frequency 2.9ghz, acceleration frequency 4.2ghz, tdp45w.

The mobile i7-9750h is obviously not enough, and the performance of ryzen74800h is significantly better than that of the desktop i7-9700k.

Then amd showed the first game book with ryzen4000h series, which comes from the robots Zephyrus G14. This product not only has 2K and 1080p120hz screens, but also has 10 hours of video playback. More importantlyu2014u2014

The LED matrix of a side of this product can be customized.

Then amd brought smartshift technology for mobile platform, which improved the frame number by 10% with independent display and collective display.

Next, amd showed the prototype of the product: dellg5se, which is equipped with the rx560m display, and will be sold in 2020q2.

Source: super power Author: Wu wumiao editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi, nt2541