Resignation of former chairman of 14 billion square meters of large special steel: frequent accidents have killed 16 people

 Resignation of former chairman of 14 billion square meters of large special steel: frequent accidents have killed 16 people

It is understood that Wang Chunlei, 57, is a veteran in the steel industry. According to the public information, Wang Chunlei has successively served as deputy general manager of Fangda special steel, deputy general manager and director of technical center of Jiujiang Pinggang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and chairman of Fangda special steel.

As for the reason why the chairman left early, time finance and economics contacted Fangda special steel. As of the press release, no one answered the phone.

Song Qinghui, an economist at Qinghui think tank, told time finance and economics that Wang Chunlei resigned as chairman of the board of directors and became chief engineer, which is rare in listed companies. Behind this may be that Fang Dagang met a big obstacle, and the chairman must resign before it can be resolved.

Twice a year

It is understood that Wang Chunlei took office as chairman of the board after the May 29 accident. On May 29, 2019, in the process of handling the abnormal furnace condition, the pressure in the furnace suddenly increased sharply, resulting in the explosion of the corrugated compensator of the gas riser. A large amount of high-temperature coke in the furnace ejected from the explosion and fell on the platform of the cast-in-place, causing 6 deaths and 4 injuries to the platform and safety passage operators.

In the first ten days of November 2019, Jiangxi Provincial Emergency Management Department issued the investigation report on the production safety accident due to the large explosion of 5.29 gas riser of No.2 blast furnace of Fangda special steel science and Technology Co., Ltd., which identified the accident as a major production safety liability accident, and gave treatment opinions to 27 relevant responsible persons.

After the accident, Fangda special steel also adjusted the management. On July 1, 2019, Fangda special steel announced that the board of directors had received the written resignation submitted by Xie Feiming, chairman of the board of directors, and Yin Aiguo, general manager of the company, and resigned from relevant positions.

In the past four years, the accidents of Fangda Special Steel Co., Ltd. have occurred frequently. In addition to the 5.29 accidents, the death toll has reached 16: 6 in 2016; 1 in 2017; 2 in 2018; and 7 since 2019. Among them, on February 20, 2019, a vehicle injury accident occurred in fangdate steel smelter, resulting in 1 death.

In addition, on April 23, 2019, there was an asphyxiation accident at the No.3 converter maintenance construction site of the steelmaking plant of Jiujiang Pinggang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., causing 2 deaths. The company is a subsidiary of Jiangxi Pinggang Industrial Co., Ltd. under Fangda group. The accident did not include 16 deaths.

Affected by the May 29 accident, Fangda special steels performance was affected. According to the public data, Fangda special steel achieved an operating revenue of 11.094 billion yuan in the first three quarters, a year-on-year decrease of 13.21%; the net profit attributable to the parent company was 1.277 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 44.82%. Among them, Q3s revenue was 2.841 billion yuan, down 37.48% year-on-year; net profit was 222 million yuan, down 77.99% year-on-year.

The real reason for Wang Chunleis early resignation is unknown, but it may affect his income. From the financial statements of the past five years, in terms of the position of chairman alone, Xie Feimings salary in 2018 was the highest, with 31.6967 million yuan; in 2017, Xie Feimings salary was the lowest, with only 2.0378 million yuan.

The chief engineer is a part-time job in Fangda special steel. Only in 2018, Liu Jianxun appeared in the list of senior executives as chief engineer. According to the annual report, in that year, Liu Jianxuns equity incentive was 300000 shares, and his pre tax remuneration was only 108900 yuan, which was far from that of Xie Feimings 31696700 yuan and 1.8 million shares.

It is understood that Fang Wei, the soul figure behind Fang Das Department, including Fang Das special steel, cannot be bypassed. In 1973, he was born in an ordinary farmhouse in Shenyang. As a child, his family was poor. He was once poor to be helped by other villagers. His father made a living by collecting scrap iron. As a child, Fang Wei also collected scrap everywhere. He was a child who grew up with hundreds of families.

With regard to Fangweis family, the most widely spread saying is that Fangwei first bought scrap iron in Fushun, Liaoning Province, and then sold it to the local steel plant. At that time, a steel plant defaulted on a lot of payment from Fangwei, and then used one of their iron mines to offset it. The price of iron ore soared a few years later, and Fang Wei made his fortune.

According to the official website of Fangda group, since 2002, Liaoning Fangda group has successfully restructured more than 10 state-owned enterprises, covering many provinces and regions including Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Sichuan and Jilin. In 2018, Fangda group achieved sales revenue of more than 80 billion yuan, profit of more than 24 billion yuan and total assets of more than 70 billion yuan.

According to the 2011 Hurun rich list, Fang Wei became the richest man in Liaoning with 15 billion yuan. Fang Wei ranks 94 on Forbes list of the richest people in China in 2019 with a value of 23.48 billion yuan.

In the process of seeking expansion, the unique horse racing mechanism has become the key to the development of Fangda system. Fangda special steel described in its 2018 annual report as follows: Taking the horse racing mechanism as the starting point, taking the results as the guidance, finding the gap, tapping the potential, promoting the progress and improvement of various indicators, and improving the operation efficiency and efficiency of each process. By comparing and competing with each other, with the industry, with the world industry, workers and workers, cadres and cadres, posts and posts, processes and processes, we can truly achieve a comprehensive and all-round horse racing.

And it comes with big rewards. In recent years, the most impressive thing about Fangda department is that it takes hundreds of millions of yuan of cash to give bonus to employees every year. In January 2019, Fangda special steel set up a mountain cash wall with a total of 312 million yuan of 100 yuan banknotes, which means Jinshan Yinshan; Fangda carbon distributed nearly 100 million yuan of cash to more than 2300 employees; Northeast Pharmaceutical also distributed 80 million yuan of cash, which is said to be 10000 yuan of cash red packets per ordinary employee.

According to the analysis, in 2018, there were 48 executives of listed companies with salaries of more than 10 million, and Fangda carbon and Fangda special steel executives monopolized the top three. Among them, Dang Xijiang, chairman of Fangda carbon, led the way with 40.7697 million yuan, followed by Yang Guang, director of Fangda carbon, with 40.4231 million yuan, and Zhong Chongwu, director of Fangda special steel, ranked third with 40.3510 million yuan. Among the top ten, Fangs senior executives account for 5, with a total of 12 executives earning tens of millions of yuan per year. (Ouyang Xizi, Beijing Time Finance)