The waitress in the lobby of the hotel was stabbed with a sharp knife and died on the spot

 The waitress in the lobby of the hotel was stabbed with a sharp knife and died on the spot

Burst! The murder of Huatian Century Hotel on Jiefang North Road! A waitress was stabbed to death (source: video synthesis)

On the evening of January 6, a netizen disclosed that a waitress was stabbed with a sharp knife at the front desk of the first floor of Huatian Century Hotel, North Jiefang Road, Liuzhou city and died on the spot.

At about 10 oclock that night, the reporter arrived at the hotel after receiving the report, and saw a standby police car flashing the alarm light and stopping at the intersection. Just entering the lobby on the first floor, I smelled a strong smell of disinfectant water. I saw a stranger enter the door. Several staff members in the front desk were surprised. When the reporter approached the front desk, he heard that a man inside was commanding another female staff member to carry out cleaning work, explaining that there is blood on the ground, and then wipe it.

Later, several men in the lobby of the hotel came to the door and began to talk in a low voice. The reporter heard vaguely that they said that a man had smoked in the lobby before, causing a quarrel, then the man took out a sharp knife and rushed into the front desk to stab the waitress, causing tragedy. But when reporters asked about it, the men said they did not know that there was a homicide at the hotel that day. That night, the reporter also tried to find out the situation from the hotel security, the other side said there was no comment.

Later, a witness introduced that around 5 p.m., a unkempt man suspected of mental disorder smoked in Huatian Century Hall, and the security guard came forward to stop him. Unexpectedly, the man stabbed the security guard and killed a waitress in the hall.

Reporters on the scene to Liuzhou police to check the situation, learned that the case is further investigation.

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