One day event: 20000 tons of frozen pork in central reserve will be auctioned again on January 9

 One day event: 20000 tons of frozen pork in central reserve will be auctioned again on January 9

Accelerated release of bonus in annual tax reform of new individual income tax

On the first anniversary of the full implementation of the new personal income tax, the reporters investigation and interview learned that the dividend of the implementation of the new personal income tax is accelerating to release, and the most obvious feeling is that the low and middle-income groups, especially the working class with the old, the young and the housing loan burden, are reducing the burden. Since 2019, per capita tax reduction in the first 10 months has reached 1786 yuan, benefiting 250 million taxpayers. Behind this brilliant report card is a more reasonable tax system and better tax service. Experts pointed out that with the further improvement of the tax system and the optimization of tax services, there will be more dividends to be paid in the future.

The third risk investigation focus of real estate trust Chengxin trust

Strengthening the compliance management and risk control of real estate trust is the hot word of supervision in 2019, which shows no sign of slowing down. The reporter learned from people familiar with the situation that, following the two risk screening in April and August, the third risk screening of trust industry in 2019 is in progress and is to be completed next week. This risk investigation is divided into two parts: Institutional self inspection and regulatory review, which must be completed before January 12, 2020, said a trust company manager in Beijing. Some people in the trust industry said that in this verification, real estate trust and political trust are the key points of verification.

Internet platform financial management income of securities companies is not affected by the reduction standard, and the highest annual performance benchmark is 4.5%

According to Securities Daily, at present, as for the financing of securities companies on the Internet platform, the impact of the news of reduced standard is not significant, and the performance benchmark (annualized) generally remains around 4% (the yield of Monetary Fund in the same period is about 2.5%). At the same time, with the weakening of the attractiveness of Monetary Fund and the promotion of Internet platform to financial institutions, investors still pay more attention to stable securities financing.

The scale of lifting the ban on banking shares in the year is nearly 200 billion yuan

According to the China Securities News, wind data shows that in 2020, a total of 12 listed banks are facing the lifting of the ban, totaling 28.337 billion shares. Based on the closing price on January 3, the overall scale of lifting the ban is close to 200 billion yuan. On the whole, the annual lifting peak will appear in December, and the initial shares listed by postal savings bank and the increased shares of Bank of Beijing will face lifting, with the number of shares lifted up to 10.29 billion.

20000 tons of frozen pork in central reserve will be auctioned again on January 9 issued a notice on matters related to the bidding transaction of the central reserve frozen pork on January 9, 2020, which will deliver 20000 tons of bidding transaction from the warehouse.

Wynns shares: it is estimated that the profit in 2019 will be 13.85-14.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.5-2.6 times

Wens shares disclosed the performance forecast of 2019. The company expects to achieve a net profit of 13.85 billion yuan to 14.3 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 249.97% - 261.35% year on year. During the reporting period, the company sold 18.5166 million pigs (including pigs and fresh products), down 16.95% year on year, but the sales price increased 46.57% year on year; 925 million chickens (including chickens, fresh products and cooked food), up 23.58% year on year, and the average sales price increased 9.93% year on year.

Ministry of Commerce: taking multiple measures to cultivate E-commerce

The Ministry of commerce took multiple measures to foster the development of e-commerce. We will promote the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics, actively integrate social service resources, promote consumption and poverty alleviation, and promote employment and entrepreneurship by relying on national e-commerce demonstration bases. 13 national e-commerce demonstration bases have been added. According to the evaluation results of all 112 national e-commerce demonstration bases, the base has realized e-commerce transactions of nearly 4.42 trillion yuan, more than 53700 settled e-commerce enterprises, more than 1.13 million employees, and more than 25400 trademark brands.

Ten property insurance companies were interviewed to discuss the high pressure situation of auto insurance supervision will continue

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, 2019 is known as the strictest year of auto insurance supervision in history; according to the signals released by the supervision, the auto insurance supervision will be upgraded in 2020. The reporter learned that half a month ago, the property and Insurance Department of Bancassurance Regulatory Commission had a talk with 10 property insurance companies including PICC, Ping An, Taibao, Guoshou, China, Dadi, sunshine, Taiping, Tianan and Huaan on collective supervision of automobile insurance. The content of this collective supervision talk is mainly divided into two parts: one is to report the recent major regulatory measures and market operation of auto insurance; the other is to set the trend of auto insurance supervision in 2020, not only to stop the local and municipal branches, but also to stop the provincial branches and even the head office.

Closing comments: Gem index rose 1.3% to reach a new high rebound, with more themes blooming

The Shanghai index was wide and volatile throughout the day. At one time, it broke through 3100 points. In the afternoon, Weichai Power and other heavyweight stocks dived. The stock index surged and fell back. GM and Tesla became the strongest main lines of the market. The concept stocks of netred continued to differentiate. There were nearly 80 trading stocks in the two cities. The themes blossomed at many points, and the market sentiment was more exciting. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was down 0.01% to close at 3083; the Shenzhen composite index was up 0.39% to close at 10698; the growth enterprise market index was up 1.3% to close at 1859. Shanghai Stock connect has a net inflow of 1.6 billion, while Shenzhen Stock connect has a net inflow of 4.6 billion.

According to Jinan times, recently, Jinan municipal administrative examination and approval service bureau issued a notice, deciding to cancel the current pre-sale license of commercial housing when the project construction progress requires site survey, optimize and adjust to the notification commitment system approval mode. Industry insiders believe that the cancellation of the pre-sale license for commercial housing on-site survey will bring about a direct change in the speed of obtaining the license for the development of enterprise projects, and the speed of commercial housing entering the market. In the period of market downturn, for development enterprises, they need to control the real estate development cycle and the pace of pushing goods after obtaining the certificate. In the area where the real estate is concentrated, the increase of the housing market will increase the period of inventory elimination.

More than 40 financial institutions landed in xiongan New Area

According to Hebei Daily, xiongan new area has made solid efforts to promote the special renovation of business environment. In combination with the construction of xiongan area of Hebei pilot Free Trade Zone, the reform of administrative approval system and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, it has focused on improving the enterprise financing environment and promoting the overall optimization of business environment. At present, more than 40 financial institutions have settled in the new area, with a total registered capital of nearly 40 billion yuan.

Source: editor in charge of Finance and economics of Netease: Zhong Qiming, nf5619