60 days old man newly married 2 months divorced the other side asked to share half of the real estate

 60 days old man newly married 2 months divorced the other side asked to share half of the real estate

Half the real estate after marriage

I didnt expect that in two months each other would

Put forward! Marriage!

Give half of the property to the new wife

Less than two months after receiving the divorce petition

Mr. Li, who is more than 60 years old this year, has been single for many years. In 2019, he was introduced to Ms. Liu. After six months of getting along with her, they got a marriage certificate.

A few days after marriage, the two signed an agreement that Mr. Li gave half of his property to Ms. Liu. Since then, the two quickly went through the registration of changes in the property rights of the house. That is to say, the real estate that originally belonged to Mr. Lis premarital property has now become the joint property of husband and wife, and has agreed on a half share of one person.

I thought that they could live for a long time. What Mr. Li didnt expect was that within two months after completing the registration of property right change, Ms. Liu moved away from her home and filed a divorce lawsuit in the court to split the real estate.

Receipt of court summons

Mr. Li was blindfolded!

She used to pretend so well

Its a fraud

I must have been divorced

But can this half of the house come back?

In response, Wang Bin, a lawyer from Beijing Weiheng (Nanjing) law firm, said that Mr. Li cooperated with the signing of the agreement and the handling of the procedures for the transfer of the property right of the house, which means that Mr. Li was willing to give to the other party. In terms of property law, if Mr. Li requests to cancel the gift before the registration of property change, it may be recovered. At present, the registration of house property right has been changed, and the possibility of revoking the gift is very small. So if the woman insists on divorce, Mr. Li is likely to face the problem of real estate division.

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