The mother-in-law who owes 130000 yuan for the compensation for her husbands death and has been estranged for 15 years has come

 The mother-in-law who owes 130000 yuan for the compensation for her husbands death and has been estranged for 15 years has come

Jiang Guizhen, a 70 year old man in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Between Zhao Mei and her daughter-in-law

There are also irreconcilable contradictions

(network diagram)

A car accident in 2014,

Jiang Guizhens son

Xiao Wei, just 40, was killed,

One old man lost his son,

A middle-aged bereaved husband,

How unfortunate and sad it is

But it still hasnt improved the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law

Until 15 years later

Mother in law Jiang Guizhen and daughter in law Zhao Mei

Finally breaking the ice

(network diagram)


Its not long before Zhao Meigang and Jiang Guizhens son Xiao Wei got married. At that time, their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarreled with each other over trivial matters. At last, Zhao Mei and Xiao Wei moved out and rented alone. They came back only after the Spring Festival.

Jiang Guizhen, 70, was widowed when he was young. He was a strong man, but he was also warm-hearted. The only problem was that he liked to nag. He would never stop holding on to anything. Zhao Mei, his daughter-in-law, was a straight minded man who spoke straight and hurt people.

Over 10 years,

At the tips of their busy fingers

Scurry by


In 2014, bad luck suddenly came.

Xiao Wei, a freight driver at a transportation company in Harbin, was killed at the age of 40 in a car accident on his way to Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.

Xiao Weis sudden departure,

To grieve my mother and my wife,

But the difference is,

Jiang Guizhen turns grief into strength,

Choose to live strong;

And Zhao Mei is addicted to pain


Close yourself up, unwilling to work,

I dont even care about my daughter

(network diagram)

Whether optimistic or pessimistic,

Life goes on.

Breaking the calm life of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law,

Its the death compensation of more than 600000 yuan.


After Xiao Weis car accident died, the party who caused the accident paid more than 600000 yuan of death compensation, but the money was taken away by Zhao Mei, his daughter-in-law, for the first time. Half a year after his son died, Jiang Guizhen, the old man suddenly remembered and asked Zhao Mei.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Mei exploded as soon as she opened her mouth:

This is for my daughter and me. What does it have to do with you?

Its my son who died. How can it have nothing to do with me?

Truce years of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will ignite the flames of war in an instant

(network diagram)

Jiang Guizhen learned from her lawyer that the 600000 yuan death compensation should be divided by her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. She can sue her daughter-in-law.

But she didnt sue her daughter-in-law in the end. What made her uneasy was that she worried about her daughter-in-law spending money indiscriminately, because the money was bought by her sons life.


After losing money, Zhao Mei began to abandon herself. She spent all her time in the mahjong parlor downstairs, ignoring her college daughter.

In August of this year, Zhao Mei suddenly came to the door and cried loudly when she saw her: Mom, I cant even pay the girls tuition, what should I do?

When asked by Jiang Guizhen, Zhao Mei said that she had spent all her money on investment these years. In order to live, she had to apply for a credit card to support her life by overdraft. She was afraid when she heard that malicious overdraft would be punished.

After listening to my daughter-in-law,

Jiang Guizhen really wants to slap her,

Think of the dead son,

Think of the granddaughter still at school,

She couldnt help crying

After crying, the next day, Jiang Guizhen did two things:

The first is to give the granddaughter about to start school 10000 yuan of tuition and living expenses;

The second is to repay 130000 yuan for her daughter-in-laws credit card, of which 70000 yuan is her own total savings, and 60000 yuan is borrowed from Xiao Yan, her daughter in Beijing

Jiang Guizhen said that she can only help her daughter-in-law. As for her monthly pension of more than 3000 yuan, she will not easily move a point, because she has to provide her granddaughter with schooling in addition to her own life.

Its gratifying,

Jiang Guizhens behavior

The mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship was finally restored.

Now, her daughter-in-law often goes home to cook for Jiang Guizhen and chat with her. Some time ago, Zhao Mei found a job in the housekeeping company, with a monthly income of 4000 yuan.

The 22nd lunar month (January 16, 2020) is Jiang Guizhens birthday. This year, it coincides with her 70th birthday. A month ago, Xiao Yan, the eldest daughter who settled in Beijing, called to say that her family would return to Harbin to celebrate her mothers birthday. The old man immediately replied that its OK to come back and have a reunion dinner. Dont be extravagant.

However, a few days ago, the old man suddenly changed his mind because he received another call: Mom, Ill handle the birthday party for you. Ive booked a grand hotel. It was Zhao Mei, daughter-in-law, who called. Hearing this warm words, old Jiang Guizhen wept

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