Japanese table tennis ranked as the strongest team in the Olympic Games

 Japanese table tennis ranked as the strongest team in the Olympic Games

Japanese table tennis team has three players.

Beijing, Jan. 6 (Wang Yu), Beijing time 6, Japan Table Tennis Association announced the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games complete list of entries. Zhang Benzhi and Dan yuxiaoxi will play in mens singles, while ITO Meicheng and Ishikawa Jiachun will play in womens singles. In addition, Meiyu Hirano and Falcon shuigu are recommended to participate in the womens and mens team competitions respectively.

In addition to the few suspense singles lineup, the Japanese table tennis association has undergone multiple consideration of group doubles and mixed doubles in group third candidates, and the final candidate is also the best choice for the team at present. As the most difficult opponent of national table tennis in Tokyo, the Japanese table tennis association has repeatedly expressed that it is its goal to win the gold medal. In the situation that the opponent has been locked, how will Guoping play?

Zhang Ben and ITO lead the best team in singles

In 2018, the Japan Table Tennis Association officially announced the selection method for the Tokyo Olympic Games: in January this year, the top two players in the team will automatically get tickets for mens and womens singles. Therefore, Zhang Benzhi and Dan yuxiaoxi, the worlds fifth ranked players, locked in the Olympic mens singles qualification; ITO Meicheng and Ishikawa Jiachun, the third and ninth ranked players, won the womens singles quota.

The womens team of Japanese table tennis team.

In fact, the list was settled in the final of the year-end finals of the International Table Tennis Federation, which ended a month ago. In addition to Itoh Meicheng and Zhang Benzhi, who are far ahead, Japans No. 2 singles competition is at the last minute. In the end, Danyu Xiaoxi and Shichuan Jiachun rely on their efforts in the second half of the process to achieve the reverse result of staying behind.

Based on the recent performance, it can be said that this Japanese table tennis team has been polished for more than three years, and the list of four singles has represented the strongest strength of Japanese table tennis at present. Among them, Zhang Benzhi and ITO Meicheng, two leading figures, are fully equipped with the ability to break with Guoping, and they have played the role of winning the championship for many times.

However, although the new generation of Japanese table tennis forces have become the backbone of the team, shouldering the responsibility of impacting the best record in history, the lack of competition experience may become their weakness. In addition to Zhang benzhihe, the other three have Olympic Games experience, but only Shichuan Jiachun has a real singles experience. In addition to the main battle, how to relieve the pressure is also a big problem for Zhang Ben and ITO.

Infographic: hayabus Sugi, the third male singles player of Rio Olympic Games, boarded the last bus to Tokyo. Photographed by Sheng Jiapeng, a reporter from China news.com

Group entanglement multiple considerations only to defeat Guoping

At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, suzui Falcon won bronze medals in mens singles and silver medals in mens League, creating a history of Japanese mens table tennis. Three years later, he finally got the third qualification because he was recommended by the Ministry. He could only participate in the mens team competition in the Olympic Games.

According to the Japan Table Tennis Association, the final choice of Hayabusa is to consider his higher ranking in the world, but also the core pillar of the team, playing a leading role in many competitions. In addition, the more important reason is undoubtedly that the mixed doubles partner of Hayabusa and itomo Meicheng is more mature, and they also have the hope of winning the table tennis and gold medal.

Because of this, even if the injury of Hayao Mizutani has reached a point that can not be ignored, he can still get rid of Yoshimura, who is equally excellent in doubles, and get on the last train of Tokyo Olympic Games. However, it is not impossible that after the end of the Olympic mixed doubles competition, shuigu Falcon retired from the competition due to injury and went to the group of p-card players (to be determined).

Infographic: Meiyu Hirano is in the competition. Photographed by Yu Ruidong from China News Agency

Like the mens team, Japans womens team, in addition to Meiyu Hirano, has also been entangled between Sato Tong, who defeated Ding Ning twice, and Asada Shina, who is more capable of doubles. According to Ma changmeixiang, the head coach of the womens team, two more excellent pingye Meiyu were chosen to win over the Chinese team.

The goal has been set for national table tennis

When the Japanese table tennis team announced the list of entries for the Tokyo Olympic Games, Guoping, who had just finished the teams straight through competition, was still preparing for the first tour of the season in an orderly manner. With only 200 days to go before the Tokyo Olympics, the announcement of the list of competitors will undoubtedly make the teams Olympic preparations more targeted.

In singles, Itoh Meicheng and Zhang Benzhi are still the No. 1 opponents that hinder Guoping from winning away. Once the success of the two can be suppressed, the team competition will also play a multiplier effect with half the effort. In terms of doubles, the Japan Table Tennis Association said it would try many ways, but it still revealed the key information, for example, that it would focus on the protection of itomos singles and mixed doubles.

Liu Guoliang and the team are more targeted. Photo by Chen Wen, reporter of China News Agency

On July 6, applications for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be closed. As a rule, Guopings entry list will also be released at the last minute. Although for national table tennis, strength is the hard truth to compete for gold medal. But if you want to go to Tokyo, you still need to be prepared. (end)

Source of this article: China News Network Editor in charge: Cao Liqiao and ns1806