The official was responded by the parties concerned due to the unexpected exposure of the balance in the etc card

 The official was responded by the parties concerned due to the unexpected exposure of the balance in the etc card

Recently, a video of expressway etc channel pay to cash out tens of millions of balance in the card has been hot on the Internet. The electronic screen information in the video shows that it was photographed in a toll channel of Hebei expressway. The license plate number of the vehicles passing through by swiping card is Yu e **** 0, the amount of swiping card is paid in 71.25 yuan, and the balance is 21474532.47 yuan. Along with the 20 million balance video, there is also a rumor that a Henan provincial official took the wrong bank card in the highway payment channel, was exposed immediately after swiping the cards huge balance, and was double regulated a week later. Is it true or not?

Video screenshots

Rumors screenshots

According to the search by Shangguan news reporter of Jiefang Daily, a user provided a screenshot of the vehicle information query page, in which the name of the owner of the vehicle Yu e * * * 0 in the video was Wu Zhiyong. In addition, the netizen also provided a screenshot entitled announcement of the Standing Committee of Puyang County Peoples Congress. The screenshot shows that one of the two deputy county heads appointed by Puyang County on May 12, 2017 is also Wu Zhiyong. According to the information, netizens speculated that the owner of Yu e * * * 0 in the video was Wu Zhiyong, deputy county head of Puyang County, Henan Province.

Information about Wu Zhiyong provided by netizens

As for the Internet rumors, on December 30, 2019, the official microblog of Puyang County Party Committee Publicity Department issued a statement that Wu Zhiyong had resigned from the post of deputy county head of Puyang County Peoples Government on June 28, 2018. Wu Zhiyong, director of corporate financial business of Luoyang Branch of Industrial Bank, was appointed deputy county head (on a temporary basis) of Puyang County Peoples Government on May 12, 2017.

Puyang County issued a statement

Wu Zhiyong is now the president of Jianshe Road branch of Luoyang Branch of Industrial Bank in the recent restructuring of the bank, according to a staff member from the office of Luoyang Branch of Industrial Bank. Luoyang Branch of Industrial Bank subsequently issued a Clarification Announcement, saying that the Wu Zhiyong in the online video and the Wu Zhiyong of the banks employees are the same surname. Luoyang Branch of Industrial Bank said it was verified that the license plate of the employees vehicle was not the license plate number in the online transmission picture, and the ID card number was totally inconsistent with the owners ID card of the vehicle, and the balance of the corresponding account of etc was also inconsistent with the online transmission number. On January 2, in an interview with upstream journalists, Wu Zhiyong also said that the car was not his owner, Wu Zhiyong, who had the same surname as him.

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So what about the balance of more than 20 million? Reporters found that the so-called tens of millions of balance in the online video etc is actually an imaginary number and cannot be used.

The video was shot in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Recently, the person in charge of the information center of the intelligent transportation company of Hebei communications investment replied in an interview with the Beijing News and other media: etc has two kinds of debit cards and stored value cards. The card type in the video should be debit card, and the balance of the debit card shows tens of millions of virtual numbers. The person in charge also said that there was a balance definition when the debit card (etc) was issued. The displayed balance was an imaginary number. Some definitions of the virtual number were 99.99 million, some were more than 40 million, some were more than 20 million. That is to say, 20 million balance is not true in fact. Therefore, the conclusion of double rules with an imaginary number is obviously not logical.

The virtual balance of etc card has also been reported by many domestic media. Recently, Mr. Hui in Wuhan, Hubei Province, charged 200 yuan to the etc equipment he just handled. As a result, the balance of the account showed that there were more than 20 million yuan. He became uneasy, afraid that he would spread things out. Hubei Province highway network toll center staff introduced that Mr. Hui handled the etc account card, and the toll was directly deducted from the bank card bound by etc. There is no balance in the account card. What Mr. Hui found is only a set of technical data. According to the bank app balance query reflected by Mr. Hui, they will also communicate with the bank for processing in the next step.

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