Iranian people go to the streets to mourn Sulaimani: overthrow the United States and the United States dies

 Iranian people go to the streets to mourn Sulaimani: overthrow the United States and the United States dies

This is what the angry Iranians keep repeating and shouting in the live coverage of CNN reporter Frederik Pleitgen just from Tehran street.

CNN live coverage

From before sunrise to now, many people in the crowd have been here for several hours, mourning the death of the countrys senior military leader. The report said.

On the morning of the 6th local time, thousands of Iranian people took to the streets to hold a memorial service for the famous general Sulaimani.

Obviously, Frederick, an American journalist in the crowd, clearly felt the anger of the Iranians around him: what they (Iranians) want is a strong revenge in their mouth. I dont know if you can hear the repeated shouts from behind me - a lot of people say, down with America, and America to die.

Frederick added: as they (Iranians) continue to stress, he (Sulaimani) is one of the people who are fighting against the (extremist) Islamic state.. They believe that he is the one who makes the country more secure. Of course, his international reputation may be very different, but for people here, he is no less than a hero.

U.S. air strikes on Baghdad International Airport killed Qasim Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade and Abu Mehdi muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Shiite militia peoples mobilization organization in the early hours of Thursday local time.

Irans top leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, prayed for Sulaimanis coffin at a memorial service in Tehran earlier Thursday. According to the photos of the mourning ceremony sent back by many foreign media, Khamenei was very solemn when praying, and once wept.

Irans Tasnim news agency says Khamenei has shed tears many times. According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency (IRNA), Khamenei commented on the martyrdom of Sulaimani, saying severe reprisals are coming to these criminals.

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