What is the meaning of raising the blood red flag in the Iranian mosque where Sulaimani was assassinated?

 What is the meaning of raising the blood red flag in the Iranian mosque where Sulaimani was assassinated?

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On January 4 local time, a bloody red flag was raised at a mosque in the holy city of Qom, Iran.

A bloody red flag has been raised on the dome of the jamakalan mosque in the Shiite holy city of Qom, Iran, Fars news agency reported Thursday. Video footage shows a picture of Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard al Quds brigade, assassinated by the United States, on the flag of the mosque staff as they head for the dome.

According to the Shiite tradition, the red flag symbolizes not only the unjust blood, but also the appeal for revenge for the victims, Fars news agency said.

According to the video, the words on the blood red flag are Arabic (transliteration: Yala tharatal Husayn), and according to the story of Karbala (the story of Karbala) written by Ayatollah Ali Nazari munfarid, the slogan means revenge for the blood of Hussein.

The story of Karbala explains that the slogan dates back to the late 7th century. During the reign of the third orthodox Caliph Ottoman, the Arab Empire broke out in civil war. Until the fourth orthodox caliph, Muhammads cousin and son-in-law Ali, the Arab Empire was divided into three parts, and there were endless wars.

During the civil war, Ali was assassinated and the Arab Empire was transferred to the Umayyad family after his death. However, the rule of Umayyad Dynasty faces many challenges from opposition forces, among which are the descendants of Muhammad, the holy Hashemite family and its supporters.

In 680, Hussein, Muhammads grandson and Alis second son, went to Kufa with 200 supporters to try to establish power in Iraq, but on the way to Karbala, he was surrounded by 6000 soldiers of the Umayyad Dynasty. Hussein and his followers refused to surrender and died in battle.

After that, in 684, Kufa Muslims again set out to fight against the rule of the Umayyad Dynasty. During the war, they shouted the slogan of revenge for the blood of Hussein for the first time. However, the next year, the army of Kufa Muslims was defeated by the Umayyad Dynasty in aynal Warda (now rasain) in northern Syria, and the uprising ended in failure.

Although the military struggle of the Muslims in Kufa failed, the slogan revenge for the blood of Hussein was still used by Shiite Muslims, including the Muslims in Kufa, and has been handed down to this day.

Li Fuquan, professor and deputy director of the Middle East Research Institute of Northwest University, told the surging news that he had seen a large number of red flags when he participated in the commemoration of the martyrs of the Iran Iran Iraq war in husistan, Iran, called the lightwalker. At all the war sites of the Illuminati, the flags are mostly red. Apart from countless red flags on both sides of the battlefield Road, there are also a large number of photos of martyrs alive, Li said

Picture of Li Fuquan when he participated in the lightwalker activity in Iran in March 2017

Red represents blood, and red flag represents martyrs. The Chinese student said, such a flag is rarely seen on the dome of a mosque, either in normal times or in history.

Recently, the student said, Iran is also discussing why the blood red flag is raised in kumjamkalan mosque instead of the more common black flag, generally, black is used in funerals because of its solemn and solemn meaning..

According to the student, the assassination of Sulaimani by the United States has to a certain extent inspired the national feelings of the Iranian people, thus uniting them. In the poetry chanted by the Iranian people during their mourning, they said that their blood should be used to compensate for our blood.

Iran held a ceremony to commemorate Sulaimani and raised a red flag symbolizing revenge

On January 4, after suleymani, a senior Iranian officer, was killed by us air strikes, his memorial ceremony was held in a mosque in the religious holy city of Qom. A red flag was hung on the top of the tower of the mosque. According to the associated press, the red flag in Shiite tradition symbolizes not only the unfair blood, but also the call for revenge for the dead.