Fleeing from Taiwan as a abandoned son and facing grain shortage by the DPP

 Fleeing from Taiwan as a abandoned son and facing grain shortage by the DPP

According to Hong Kong News Network and Hong Kong east.com, Zhong Hanlin, the convener of student mobile source, a Hong Kong based mass organization, complained in an interview that the Taiwan authorities were passive and perfunctory towards their help seeking attitude. Zhong Hanlin said that the Taiwan authorities did not pass the refugee law and did not tell them how to apply for asylum. Many people (those who fled to Taiwan in disorder of Hong Kong) are about to expire their visas because they are worried about being sent back to Hong Kong, and they are nervous every day. Zhong Hanlin said that in recent years, the DPP has been meeting them passively all the way, never actively asking for discussion, and has often used excuses to avoid meeting them.

Not only that, these fleeing Hong Kong rioters are also facing a grain shortage crisis. According to Hong Kongs dongwang.com, people familiar with the matter said that the DPP had previously provided support to Hong Kong rioters through individual churches and groups, about 2000 Hong Kong dollars a month, but it was said that the support lasted only 10 months, and then it had to take care of itself. Recently, the DPP was considering withdrawing funds and aid. This means that those who cant work legally in Taiwan with tourist visa will lose their only economic source at any time.

Hong Kong media pointed out that Hong Kong youths who have not yet completed their studies, have no skills at work and rely on their parents in Hong Kong will experience the pressure of life and the cruelty of reality for the first time. They do not know whether they will repent for being nervous now.

Since the practice storm in Hong Kong, Tsai ing Wen, the leader of Taiwan, has voiced for Hong Kong rioters for many times. However, in the face of the refugee law, the DPP authorities suddenly backed down. Tsai ing Wen changed the former stance of shouting for Hong Kong rioters, playing Taiji, claiming support but not intervention. When the rioters went to Taiwan for help, they were treated coldly one after another. As a result, Fang Zhongxian, President of the student union of Hong Kong Baptist University, bombarded the Taiwan authorities only to exchange Hong Kong peoples blood for votes.

As for the mutual strangulation of the Hong Kong rioters and the DPP, netizens on the island said, the so-called solidarity of Tsai administration is just talking and spiritual support, and those people still believe it? Taiwan netizens have made it clear that the actions of the rioters are obvious to all of the people in Taiwan, the people in Taiwan do not welcome Hong Kong rioters, and they cannot tolerate people who deliberately create rioters to go to Taiwan to make trouble.

Liang Zhixiang, member of the National Committee of the CPPCC and President of the new social Federation, pointed out that it has been proved that illegal people are not welcome to go anywhere. The Taiwan authorities have used up the so-called Hong Kong Volunteers and abandoned them. It is lamentable that young people in Hong Kong mistakenly believe in the praise of external forces, which has ruined their great future. They have no books to read, no jobs to do, and a stable society not to cherish them well, which eventually degenerates into violence Apprentices and stowaways.

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