When did the United Nations list the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization

 When did the United Nations list the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization

Screenshot of UN Security Council resolution 1747 (2007) and Annex I

When did the Security Council list the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization? How can such a resolution be adopted in the Security Council? Its a complete rumor.

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According to the Weibo pictures forwarded online by @ strategic security and arms control, Feng Wei, a professor of history at Fudan University, once released the above information.

Picture from @ Wuwei Li Ye

However, in the evening of June 6, Feng Wei apologized again, admitting that he was not rigorous enough, and deleted the microblog immediately after discovering the error. He blamed himself for his carelessness and apologized for the damage done to the reputation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and major general Sulaimani.

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It is worth noting that in April last year, President trump of the United States took the lead in declaring Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. In response, Irans parliament passed a resolution in the same month, formally listing the U.S. central command and its subordinate forces as terrorist organizations.

Last April 9th, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang once said that the United States Islamic Revolutionary Guard Team of Iran was classified as a terrorist organization. We oppose any countrys power politics and bullying. We hope that relevant countries, especially those outside the region, can do more to promote peace and stability in the Middle East and avoid taking some measures that may lead to further escalation of tensions in the Middle East.

However, major general suleymani of Iran was beheaded by us air strikes on January 3, which further escalated the situation between the US and Iran. Iran therefore threatened to carry out severe retaliation, and announced on the 5th to suspend the implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement: no longer limit the number of centrifuges.

Iranian army cadets attending Sulaimani Memorial activity map from Associated Press

Irans top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, accompanied by President Mahmoud Rouhani and other officials, held a tearful prayer ceremony at the state funeral for Sulaimani on Tuesday.

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