Rioters accused the police of sabotage: ignoring the facts

 Rioters accused the police of sabotage: ignoring the facts

Hong Kong police today (6) criticized Mao Mengjings allegations in a social media post. (screenshot of social media)

Hong Kong police today (6) said in a social media post that they had noticed that during an interview with overseas media on 1 January this year, Mao Mengjing, a lawmaker of the riotous faction, accused Hong Kong Police of sending undercover agents to destroy shops. The police criticized Maos comments for being reckless, misleading and irresponsible. They were strongly dissatisfied with this. They also pointed out that Mao, as a member of the Legislative Council, should work with the government to stop violence and chaos.

The letter from the Hong Kong Police, signed by chief police officer Guo Jiaquan of the public relations section of the police, mentions that Mao Mengjing was a respected and senior journalist who should keep the code of ethics in mind and express disappointment at her choice to distribute obviously false information in live interviews.

The letter pointed out that Mao Mengjing accused the undercover police officers of ignoring the facts, misleading and irresponsible. He emphasized that on the day of the March, social media and press releases had been adopted to clarify that the police officers had not damaged the bank, and reiterated at a press conference the next day (2) that no police officers had damaged the shops, which was a criminal act of thugs.

At the same time, the Hong Kong police said in a statement that the case is now being investigated by the Wan Chai police district serious case team. The police must strictly follow up the case and bring the rioters to justice.

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