In response to the IRNA? Trump: Iran will never have nuclear weapons

 In response to the IRNA? Trump: Iran will never have nuclear weapons

A screenshot of Trumps Twitter.

US President trump just tweeted: Iran will never have nuclear weapons!

The Iranian government announced Friday that it will enter the fifth and final stage of suspending the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, and abandon the last key restriction in the Iranian nuclear agreement, namely the limit on the number of centrifuges. This means that Irans nuclear program will no longer be subject to any practical restrictions. Trumps tweets, however, are likely to respond to Irans exit move.

Earlier reports

In the early hours of the 3rd local time, U.S. air strikes on Baghdad International Airport killed Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade. Analysts believe that this is a direct trigger for Iran to announce that it will no longer comply with the final key restrictions of the Iranian nuclear agreement, and a step for Iran to fight back against the United States.

However, the Iranian government also said in a statement on the 5th that it would continue to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency. If the sanctions are lifted and Irans economic interests are safeguarded, Iran will be ready to resume its commitment to the Iranian nuclear agreement.

In July 2015, Iran and the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, the joint comprehensive action plan. In May 2018, the United States announced to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement and resume sanctions against Iran. The move was widely condemned by the international community, and aroused strong dissatisfaction from us and European allies.

France, Germany and the UK announced the establishment of an instead settlement mechanism for trade with Iran in early 2019. The mechanism, full name of trade transaction support tool, is a payment mechanism operating outside the U.S. - led global financial system, and is also one of the specific measures taken by European countries to save the Iran nuclear agreement.

Iranian Foreign Minister @ Trump: have you ever seen such a sea of people in your life?

Iranian foreign minister Zarif tweeted a set of pictures on social media and @ president trump of the United States of America. In your life, have you ever seen such a huge crowd, @ Donald Trump? Zarif tweeted

Then he threw out a series of questions: do you (trump) still want to hear the advice of those fools to our region? Do you still think you can defeat the will of this great country and its people?

Americas evil presence in West Asia is over. Zarif finally wrote.