Beautiful life 4K repair release back flow of time notice

 Beautiful life 4K repair release back flow of time notice

If theres no war, thats the real end of beautiful life

The movie beautiful life has been regarded as a model of contemporary comedy by Western media, but it is such a comedy, but it has become the most tearful movie for countless audiences. Before beautiful life, no one could imagine a comedy way to express the dark history of World War II, but director Roberto Benigni did. In the first half of beautiful life, guedo, the hero with a humorous nature, starts his love with Dora, the princess, through his incessant chatter, mischief, romance and boldness. With the love between Guido and Dora becoming the family of three, their Italian town gradually shrouded in the haze of war. On the fifth birthday of their son Joshua, their family was caught in a concentration camp.

However, the great changes in living environment have not changed guiduos optimistic and romantic nature. In order to protect Joshuas young soul, Guido explained various rules of the camp into a 1000 point game, and the prize of victory was Joshuas favorite tank. At the end of the game, Joshua really won a tank, but Guido didnt get out of the camp alive. Guiduos death makes the tone of the film sad and intolerable, and makes beautiful life a film that many viewers dare not watch for the second time. In the special release of back flow of time preview for 4K restoration, guiduo family achieved the happy ending of beautiful life. In this clip, with guiduos monologue when he coaxed Joshua to sleep - now its just a dream, were dreaming, and tomorrow morning mother will wake us up, the lie game in the concentration camp became a real game, and the father and son took the train only for a trip. The game is over, lets go home. At last, Guido, his father, will wait for his naughty son to go out at the gate of the flower house and ride his bicycle to send Dora to work.

Take disaster as a game, conquer everything with a smile, embrace a beautiful life in 2020

The beautiful life was released in China with a new look of 4K restoration, and became the champion of public praise in the same schedule with the divine rating of 9.5 of the whole platform. This classic, which was born in 1997, is not out of date at all. How many times do you see a movie that will be full of touch! If you dont watch this movie, your life is incomplete, a movie you must watch once in your life The reason why beautiful life swept dozens of international awards, including Oscar best foreign language film, best actor and Cannes Film Festival Jury Award, was because it moved across national boundaries. To this day, beautiful life continues to create a new touch.

The 4K restored version of beautiful life is on the air.