About half of 1.45 million wild toads were hunted illegally and turned into snacks in Shanghai

 About half of 1.45 million wild toads were hunted illegally and turned into snacks in Shanghai

u25b3 police seized wild toads that were poached

Illegal hunting of 1.45 million wild toads in the black industry chain

Modern Express reporter learned that in August 2018, Lianyungang Guanyun police found that someone was poaching wild Chinese toads in the local waters. The police followed the lead and arrested Liu and others who bought the wild toads. After investigation, during March August of that year, Liu and others knew that they were poaching wild toads. The acquisition is still in progress, with a total of 3686.2 Jin, which is sold to Xu, a member of Guanyun East Wangji.

Xu extracted toads, toad clothes and live toads and sold them to Meng (another case) in Yancheng for profit. Xu sold 56 Jin toads and more than 200000 wild toads to Meng successively, making an illegal profit of 200000 yuan.

Use tweezers to squeeze mud from the lumps on the head of toads. About 500 Jin of toads give birth to one jin of toads. The big toads can scrape mud, remove their coats and let the small ones go. After Mengs deep processing of the acquired toads, he will sell them to many operators in a aquatic market in Qingpu District, Shanghai. Among them, about 710000 toads will flow to restaurants or public dining tables, and they will be made into the local traditional snack xunlace and become the plate Chinese food of gluttons.

According to Meng, since 2015, his purchase of wild toads has never stopped. He has successively purchased more than 1.45 million wild toads from Xu and other second dealers. Through the sale of toads, toads clothes and live toads, he has made an illegal profit of more than 800000 yuan.

u25b3 police investigating the scene

Excessive catching and killing seriously endangers farmland ecosystem

Toad has high medicinal and scientific value and has been listed in the list of three kinds of wild animals. According to experts from Nanjing Forestry University, indiscriminate hunting and killing of wild toads is bound to seriously affect the ecological balance. Even if the toads are released from other places, the local ecological environment of Guanyun will still suffer immeasurable losses.

Chen Changchun, procurator general of Guanyun County Procuratorate, said that driven by interests, illegal hunting of toads has developed into a huge black industry chain. In this case, more than 1.45 million toads were hunted. The illegal hunting of toads broke the balance of the farmland ecosystem and easily led to the collapse of the entire ecosystem.

The toad purchased and sold by Liu and others is just the tip of the iceberg in the black industry chain. In August 2018, Guanyun police, in investigating the case of Ge Mou (who has been sentenced) illegal hunting, followed Liu Mous online Xu Mous acquisition clue, followed the lead of Xu Mous online and offline acquisition of toads, and arrested 24 suspects successively. The police seized more than 11000 live toads from Xu Mous and Meng Mous home. It is reported that only a small part of the toads that have been released to nature after capture have been hunted illegally, and a large number of other toads have been killed.

Although Liu and others all know that illegal hunting of toads is not right, they do not realize that this behavior destroys the balance of natural ecology, and a certain number of them can be charged with criminal responsibility. Nine people, including Liu, bought more than 20000 wild toads to earn a price difference of one or two yuan, which seriously damaged the ecological environment and severely affected the environment.

u25b3 the defendant signs a mediation agreement

Procuratorate: compensation is not as good as ecological restoration

During the examination of the case, the criminal prosecution department of Guanyun procuratorate found that the behavior of nine defendants of Guanyun nationality, including Liu, not only violated the criminal law, but also damaged the ecological environment and wildlife resources, and damaged the social public interest. On July 26, 2019, the public interest litigation handling group of the court filed a criminal incidental civil public interest litigation with the local court, requesting the court to adjudge the defendant to bear the compensation of 2.445 million yuan for ecological restoration, and publicly apologize in the provincial media.

According to Qiu Wei, the prosecutor in charge of the case, although the defendant is required to admit compensation, after full understanding, the investigators found that the economic conditions of Liu and others are limited. If they are required to bear high compensation, it will eventually lead to the difficulty of funds in place, unable to really repair the damaged ecological environment, and the practical significance of public interest litigation will be greatly reduced. After the demonstration by forestry experts, the defendant can complete the restoration of the damaged public welfare by means of labor compensation, proliferation and release. The experts determine the detailed ecological restoration plan based on the number of wild toads illegally purchased and sold by each defendant and the degree of environmental damage caused.

In line with the principle of governance first, punishment and deterrence, on December 26, 2019, when the defendant pleaded guilty, the deposit was paid in place and the subsequent ecological restoration difficulty coefficient was relatively small, Guanyun County procuratorate signed an ecological damage restoration agreement with nine defendants, requiring the defendant to fulfill the agreement by means of proliferation and release, labor compensation, strengthening environmental protection publicity, etc Ecological damage repair responsibility. If the restoration fails to pass the acceptance inspection at the expiration of the time limit, the procuratorial organ will recover all the compensation for the ecological environment damage from it.

Since January 1, 9 defendants have started patrolling in the designated waters. We have built a wechat group, which requires them to patrol twice a week. After arriving at the scene each time, they should take photos and videos and send them to the group. Besides our prosecutors, there are also staff members of the forestry department in the group to guide and inspect their patrols. Qiu Wei told reporters that the longest working time of nine people is three and a half years, the shortest one year. By may, they will have to carry out propagation and release of twice the number of young toads illegally hunted.

It is understood that in the process of handling the case, in view of the wild toads being hunted flowing to the Shanghai aquatic product market, Qingpu District of Shanghai carried out a one-year special rectification action to strengthen the supervision of the local purchase and sale of various links of food sources. Guanyun County Procuratorate, in conjunction with the countys market supervision and Administration Bureau, carried out special inspection and law popularization activities, and in conjunction with the countys natural resources and Planning Bureau, carried out publicity activities for the protection of wildlife, handling a case, warning a piece, so as to achieve the unity of legal effect and social effect.

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