Chongqing fire detection report released: the safety of housing structure is not affected

 Chongqing fire detection report released: the safety of housing structure is not affected

Beijing News on New Years Day 2020, a fire broke out in a high-rise building in Chongqing. The fire spread from the balcony of a residential building on the second floor to the top of the 30th floor, causing no casualties. Today (January 6), a reporter from the Beijing News obtained a test report from the owners of the community, which showed that the wall brick was damaged due to the fire on the outer wall, which did not affect the safety of the basic wall. The fire enters into the interior of some houses, causing structural damage to a few houses, but not affecting the overall structural safety of the original houses.

According to the Beijing News, a fire broke out in building A4, California Garden community, Yubei district at about 17:00 on January 1. The open fire was put out at 19:20, with no casualties. After preliminary verification, the fire broke out on the balcony of a residential house on the second floor (30 floors in total) of building A4 in California Garden community. The fire set up a body-shaped fire, which ignited the external insulation layer and canopy, spread to the balcony on the 30th floor and rushed to some residential houses.

This afternoon, a reporter from Beijing News engaged in the development of a residential area obtained a test report on building A4 of California Garden issued by Chongqing construction engineering quality inspection and testing center. According to the report, some areas of the house are greatly affected by the fire, and there are hollowing, cracking and falling off of wall bricks, damage of plastering and pasting layer, burning of anti-theft net and other attachments. There is a potential safety hazard of falling off at any time. The plastering layer, pasting layer, wall brick, anti-theft net and other attachments outside the base shall be removed immediately to eliminate the danger.

According to the report, the fire did not affect the bearing capacity of the vertical structure of the house, and the horizontal bearing capacity of individual houses was weakened, which was a local impact and did not affect the overall structural safety of the house.

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