Media: using Lao Rongzhis case to persuade Liping to turn herself in and focus on high beauty value deviated

 Media: using Lao Rongzhis case to persuade Liping to turn herself in and focus on high beauty value deviated

Yuncheng police yelled at the female suspect jieliping, and the fire broke out these two days.

On January 3, 2020, Yumen police in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, issued a document, offering a reward of 100000 yuan for two fugitive suspects, Chai Baojun and Jie Liping. However, this article was published in the form of an open letter. When calling for the female fugitive Jie Liping, Lao Rongzhi, who had attracted the attention of the whole people, was specifically mentioned.

Because of the similar escape experience with Lao Rongzhi, Yuncheng police sent a letter to persuade Xie Liping not to learn from Lao Rongzhi. The letter said: maybe you are the same as Lao Rongzhi. In the past 20 years, you have been drinking wine, dancing, making up and spending money. But have you ever thought that your relatives will suffer coldness and criticism for this.

As soon as this reasonable open letter was sent out, it attracted wide attention. It was quite popular to persuade Liping to turn herself in with the Lao Rongzhi case. In addition, the beauty of jieliping had become the focus of many peoples attention, which was full of topic.

Its easy to build a crooked building by saying high beauty value

Many people may be unfamiliar with the name jieliping, but her photos have been widely spread before.

Earlier, when the case of Lao Rongzhi received initial attention, when there was an article on the Internet exposing the photos of Lao Rongzhi, it often mixed the photos of Xie Liping and the photos of Lao Rongzhi in the article.

u25b2 Lao Rongzhi is caught. Data map

And the evaluation of Lao Rongzhis beauty of snake and scorpion is not unrelated to the misleading caused by the confusion of photos.

I was suspicious when I read it. Its obviously not the same person. Later, after more accurate information of Lao Rongzhi was disclosed, the photos of Xie Liping began to disappear in the relevant news.

Xie Liping was first noticed because of her beauty value. In November 2019, Yumen branch of Yuncheng Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Province issued a reward notice for three fugitives, among whom Xie Liping was widely concerned because of her beauty.

High beauty value and female suspect together, it is easy to be used to hype, Xie Lipings beauty value is also consumed.

Its not just Xie Liping. Before that, Qing chenjing Liang, who was wanted by the police for liquor trust fraud, was hot fried for her high beauty. But in fact, this kind of hype just because of high beauty value does not have much public value to say. It is just to add some excitement to the public opinion field.

u25b2 on November 20, the official wechat of Mianyang Public Security Bureau publicly exposed the names and photos of 7 suspects including Qing chenjing Liang. Photo source: Official wechat of Mianyang Public Security Bureau

Now the photos of jieliping circulated on the Internet are said to be the photos of jieliping before being wanted. According to public information, Xie Liping, 52, was born in 1968 in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. From 1991 to 1993, there was a desire to enter the University of correspondence and enter the TV station. I like painting. I went to Yuncheng to study painting after my divorce. In July 1999, he was chased online on suspicion of intentional homicide.

The fragmentary information revealed from the data can only describe a vague image of young women. The police have not disclosed the information about her specific crime.

More importantly, the public value behind this letter

Yumen branch of Yuncheng has focused on Xie Lipings shouting, which may have something to do with Xie Liping himself, or with the form of collective creation shouting open letter.

However, the generation of its public value has nothing to do with Xie Lipings beauty value, but more importantly, it lies in the social value of this open letter in sensibility + rationality. In fact, the local police in the open letter, also did not take high beauty value said.

u25b2 open letter from Yumen branch. Image source: Yumen Public Security Bureau official WeChat public address

According to the Beijing News, Yumen branch officials said that the notice was a kind of learning from the police in other places and issued a letter of exhortation to surrender, which also belongs to collective creation.

From the response of public opinion, this open letter has aroused a lot of waves, but it has also been widely spread with skills: after Xie Lipings photo was issued with a wanted order at the beginning, it has been widely concerned and has a certain basis for public communication. Later, because of the hot push of the Lao Rongzhi case, to some extent, it further expanded her influence.

Now, the case of Lao Rongzhi has just come to an end. Yu Wen is still there, and the public memory is still there. Connecting Xie Liping and Lao Rongzhi, who were once mixed as one person, together with the fact that they were both women, involved in the same homicide, and were also in the end of the world, naturally they would be greatly attracted.

At the end of the day, this open letter is really powerful in terms of communication power. At the level of public value, there are also praises.

This open letter is mainly about affection. Yumen police not only stood on the high platform of law enforcement and urged the fugitives to surrender, but also stood on the position of the fugitives with more human feelings. They moved the fugitives with feelings, told them with reason, showed them with law and grace, and used their relatives unfortunate circumstances to influence them to confess their guilt, and encouraged them to get out of the psychological dilemma with the good cases in the past.

There are both parents in the hall and hometown full of family affection. The family affection card of Yumen sub bureau must be able to hit the hearts of fugitives. I believe that this open letter can play a greater public communication value, not only for jieliping, but also for more fugitive wanted criminals.

Of course, we cant rely on an open letter with strong human feelings to call the fugitives back. Compared with such announcements, the big data system and efficient law enforcement of arresting Lao Rongzhi are more reliable.

In the end, the most important thing to persuade Liping to turn herself in with the Lao Rongzhi case is not the suspects of high beauty value, but the clever use of the law of communication and the unlocking of public value.

The police yelled at Gao Yans female suspect to persuade him to turn himself in: what do you know about Lao Rongzhi?

An open letter from Yumen branch to the fugitives and their relatives, Baojun and jieliping: as fugitives, maybe you and Lao Rongzhi have the same experience in the past 20 years, such as drinking, dancing, makeup and money.

But do you know the people and things associated with her? After the death of his disgraceful father, his 70 year old mother rented an old house, and his brothers and sisters accepted the coldness and criticism of their neighbors.