Hanzhongs former vice mayor was accused of false rectification: 62 villas were built in 400 mu mountain area

 Hanzhongs former vice mayor was accused of false rectification: 62 villas were built in 400 mu mountain area

Zheng Yongtao, male, Han nationality, born in October 1966, is a native of Ningqiang, Shaanxi Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in July 1989, joined the Communist Party of China in September 1995, and holds a university degree in the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

According to public information, he was Secretary of the Hantai District Committee of Hanzhong City and vice mayor of Hanzhong City from February 2019 to October 2019. According to the report, he violated the work discipline, failed to perform his duties seriously, made false rectification and decision-making on illegal villa construction of Yifeng international project, caused adverse impact, intervened in and participated in the construction project.

In May 2019, China Real Estate News reported that a real estate enterprise in Nanzheng District, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, under the guise of pension project, built a villa area called Yifeng international hanshanjun on the 400 mu mountain area at the south foot of Qinling Mountain, which is located in 62 villas.

According to the above report, the villa project, which is called enjoying the mountain forest resources of 600 mu in Hanshan mountains, was also called the first large-scale high-standard elderly care service institution in Hanzhong in 2009 in local media reports, and even in the work report of Nanzheng County Government in 2010, Yifeng International Summer care center construction was listed as one of the key investment projects for the benefit of the people in Nanzheng County.

However, in 2010, Yifeng international u00b7 Yiyang center, which was set up with public facilities and residential land, was changed into Yifeng international commercial residence in 2014, and obtained the pre-sale license of commercial housing, and officially sold to the public in large scale with villas.

On May 20, 2019, the Information Office of Nanzheng District Peoples Government of Hanzhong City issued a notice on building a villa in Qinba mountain area of 400 mu in Nanzheng district.

According to the report, the District Committee and the district government promptly held a special meeting to study the reflection problems, established an investigation group led by the main leaders of the District Committee and the district government, with the district Discipline Inspection Committee, the district development and Reform Bureau, the District Forestry Bureau, the district housing and Construction Bureau, the district natural resources branch, the district ecological environment branch, dahekan town and other departments as members, and immediately investigated the problems reflected in the report. We will seriously deal with the problems found in the investigation.

On the morning of May 21, 2019, Wang Jianjun, Secretary of Hanzhong Municipal Party committee, presided over a special meeting to convey Hu Heping, Secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee,s instructions on the construction of Yifeng international project in Nanzheng District, and to study and deploy the work related to the special renovation of Yifeng International project in Nanzheng district.

The next day, the Information Office of Nanzheng District Peoples government issued a notice again to demolish the illegal buildings identified in the Yifeng international project according to law.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that according to the report, in addition to the false rectification and illegal decision-making on the illegal villa construction of Yifeng international project, Zheng Yongtao also had other problems.

In violation of the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, Zheng Yongtao received gifts that may affect the fair performance of official duties in violation of regulations, presented gifts that are obviously beyond the normal courtesy exchange to the personnel engaged in official duties, and accepted banquets that may affect the fair performance of official duties; in violation of organizational discipline, he made use of his power or the influence of his duties to seek for others in the promotion of cadres, employment of employees, work transfer, etc Interests; in violation of integrity discipline, the expenses that should be paid by individuals shall be reimbursed by subordinate units; in violation of national laws and regulations, bribery crime is suspected.

As a leading cadre of Party members, Zheng Yongtao has lost his ideal and belief, lost the bottom line of discipline and law, distorted his view of power, engaged in power and money transactions, and used power for personal gain; the principle of party spirit is absent, the concept of organization is indifferent, and he interferes in the personnel work in violation of regulations; the sense of responsibility is absent, the view of political achievements is misplaced, pragmatism and utilitarianism are at work, and he copes with the problems on the top, makes false rectification, and abuses the power of the next appointment The right is reckless. His behavior has constituted a serious violation of discipline and is suspected of a crime. If he does not stop after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he shall be dealt with seriously.

According to the regulations of the Communist Party of China on disciplinary action, the supervision law of the peoples Republic of China and other relevant provisions, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee meeting studied and reported to the provincial Party Committee for approval, and decided to give Zheng Yongtao the punishment of expelling his party membership and public office; collect his illegal earnings; transfer his suspected crime and related property to the procuratorial organ for handling according to law.

Another cadre involved in Qinlings illegal construction was informed: over 7 million yuan in 18 years

After the former director of Qinling office and red star of Xian City, another cadre involved in Qinling illegal construction appeared in the case of illegal reception recently reported by the official. He has received gifts, shopping cards, mobile phones, tobacco and wine, local specialties and souvenirs from management and service objects for many times, with a total value of 7.14336 million yuan.