The Great Wall

 The Great Wall

Later, the brick carrying team not only tasted a lot of Great Wall specialties, but also brought a dragon dance performance. Ruan Jingtian, as a senior guest of marvelous series, first won the first place in the bottom test, and also took the lead in challenging the sea dragon show in bad weather.

Before that, Ruan Jingtian had a very outstanding performance in great challenge and our challenge. This time, Ruan joined Great Wall. Ruan Jingtian continued to lead with the familiar and tacit old team. In the program, Ruan Jingtian, who is really cute and humorous, often laughs into an expression bag, and always spare no effort when he does tasks. This kind of true feelings will move the audience even more.

And Ruan Jingtian himself is also a popular stalk maker. He once played a stewardess in the great challenge and said be angry, or keep smiling in a soft and cute Taiwanese accent, which immediately became the hot stalk of the whole network. So this time in the Great Wall, Ruan Jingtian turned I checked into a golden sentence on the Internet. What kind of hot block will Ruan contribute to the following programs? Lets look forward to Ruan Jingtians next performance.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Yin Lili Peng nk3689