Fenghua in the Ming Dynasty: Zhu Dis serious crisis in battle

 Fenghua in the Ming Dynasty: Zhu Dis serious crisis in battle

In the plot broadcast last week, the Ming army encountered strong winds at the critical moment of the match. Although Zhu Zhanji was brave and courageous, he rushed to the front of the line and raised the morale of the Ming army, the whole army was still severely damaged, and Zhu Zhanji was also injured by the sword. It was the mahamu Khan of the warab who first disguised himself as a horse breeder, lurked in the Ming army to understand the tactics, then integrated all parts of the grassland, and used the advantages of time and land to resist the fierce attack of the Ming army.

Although the Ming army had been on the march for several months, but the process was slow. Zhu zhanjili admonished Zhu Di to retreat, but he was reprimanded as you are not the emperor, and he was sent to attack the Three Gorges estuary. At the same time, Nie Xing never gave up the revenge action, secretly sneaked into the Ming army, waiting for the opportunity to move. When Zhu Zhanji led the army to attack the Three Gorges estuary, he met the Tatar department, and was in danger of being injured on the battlefield. Nie Xing, who was trying to find a chance to attack Zhu Zhanji, stopped the enemys attack for him in the time of danger and died in the battlefield.

Zhu Di and the prince are in critical condition. The king of Han is threatening the princes position

In the capital, the prince worked hard and became ill. Sun ruowei took care of him all the time. He won the princes appreciation for the wonderful Wei stele and read the memorial for the prince as a substitute. After Nie Xings death, Zhu Zhanji sent a letter home for the first time to inform sun ruowei that Nie Xing was dead. In the words, he also revealed that he was worried about his life. After hearing this, the prince was so anxious that he vomited blood and became more and more seriously ill.

Zhu Di was worried about the war ahead, and the prince was worried about the aggravation of the war. At this time, the king of Han held the power of war, and Zhu Zhanji was subject to it everywhere. In order to stabilize the overall situation, Yang Shiqi and others decided to conceal the news of the princes serious illness and secretly ordered four places to change their defenses in case the king of Han took the opportunity to seize the throne. Hu Shanxiang learns from Princess Han that Zhu Dis health is deteriorating. He and sun ruowei advise the crown princess to invite Zhu Zhanji back to Beijing to stabilize the situation.

Zhu Dis condition is getting worse tonight. Whats the matter with calling Yang Shiqi to see him? What will Zhu Zhanji do to prevent the king of Han Dynasty? What will happen to sun ruoweis feelings towards Zhu family and Zhu Zhanji?

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