Biebers wife Haili sent a long article admitting that the whole Internet blackout made her miserable

 Biebers wife Haili sent a long article admitting that the whole Internet blackout made her miserable

The 23-year-old Haili, the wife of a 24 million fan blogger and superstar Justin Bieber, is often criticized by netizens on her personal social networking site, foreign media reported on January 6. On January 3, she issued a long article calling for more kindness and communication between people in the new year. This is not the first time she asked netizens not to be black again.

Social platforms are hotbeds for people to treat each other cruelly. They dont spend time to treat each other and understand each other until they repay each other with hatred, which starts to destroy the really good interpersonal relationships and connections, she wrote

Hayley admits that although she also wants to ignore it, she is really upset by the overwhelming attacks and criticisms on the Internet. She went on to write: I can sit all day, and it wont bother me to say black things on my mouth, and what they say wont affect me. But remember: its really painful to be ripped off on the Internet!

I want to say that I like interpersonal communication best, and I like to communicate with others very much. I like to find the common interest between myself and others, like to listen to other peoples stories, like to laugh with others, like to cry with others, it feels very profound.

I always hide my heart, which means I can love freely and sympathize with others deeply. Because of this, when I feel that people dont understand my heart, dont understand me, dont know why Im willing to share, its easy to get hurt.

Last year, black fans said that Haley would never compare with his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez in Biebers mind. She angrily retorted that she hoped they could share the hatred she had suffered.

It still seems to haunt Hayley because she wrote: its very painful to be used every day to compare with other people, and its also painful for people to make hasty conclusions through assumptions. Its also painful to feel that you cant meet a certain standard when you are scolded by name.

Haili hopes to be honest about her experience and help others, wish you a happy new year, and hope everyone can deepen communication in 2020.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322