The special Yu Hewei and Li Randi was exposed

 The special Yu Hewei and Li Randi was exposed

Love reveals the new special of Hewei and Li Randi (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on January 6 that the movie love produced by Xu Zheng and directed by Yang Zi, the chief producer of Liu Ruifang, is currently in the national hit. At present, the cumulative box office has exceeded 400 million, and has been the top box office for six consecutive days. In the movie, the actors bravely express love and embrace love, which makes many viewers deeply feel, we are more careful in love, afraid of being rejected, and fear of giving is not directly proportional to the harvest. I hope the new year will have the courage to love. The warm story also made Shi Hang, the screenwriter, praise her on Weibo and say, I love you so much, and I see tears all the way..

In particular, Yu Heweis interpretation of Li Randis love for father and daughter has made everyones eyes red several times. Today, the film exposed the behind the scenes special, although the two are the first cooperation, and there are many emotional highlights, but the shooting is very smooth. In the interview, Yu spoke highly of the serious Li Randi. Before she enters the role, she will silently make psychological preparations.. He also got Li Randis praise for his affinity full score, like his father, no pressure..

Cry to make up

In the process of watching the film, many people were stabbed in tears. Some young people even cried and flowed their faces. After watching the film, they had to make up their makeup. On the Internet, they intimately reminded, we must prepare enough paper towels and make a waterproof makeup.. You see crying, because the actors bravely love the appearance, deeply touched everyones heart. Looking at Zhang Zifeng in the process of training guide dogs, he did not shrink back from Wu Lei when he had a gap, which made people sigh that the friendship of youth always has a cavity of solitary courage, and I want to give you the best I can.. And Tan Jianci finally got up the courage to tell the girl he wanted. The movie is like a gas station, so that everyone can get more energy to set foot on the road of love.

Yu Hewei apologizes and tears his face

In the face of his daughter, Li Randi, Yus bewildered response reminds everyone of his father. Although he couldnt express it, he tried to make his daughter happy, which made many audience sob, I used to think that parents wouldnt love me, but now I know its just in different ways. When I go home, I want to give my father a hug..

In this story, Yu Hewei finally revealed his heart and apologized to his daughter, stabbing everyones tears and making many fathers very moved. We unconsciously wrap love in a strict shell, but should we ask the children what kind of love they want?.

The movie love is produced by zhenledao culture, Hairun film industry, taopiao, supervised by Xu Zheng, chief producer of Liu Ruifang, director of Yang Zi, and led by Yu Hewei, Wu Lei, Zhang Zifeng, Zhong Hanliang, Yang Zishan, Chen Weiting, Zhong Chuxi, Tan Jianci, Yi Qingzi, Guo Qilin, Li Randi, and starred by Li Qian, with friendship roles of Gong BEIBI, Lang Yueting, Yu Hailei, Wang Ziyi, Wang Yang Zhao YUNZHUO, special performance oner.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)