Its a bit tragic to commit suicide after my brother and wife are in debt

 Its a bit tragic to commit suicide after my brother and wife are in debt

According to the police, the 12-year-old child died in a terrible condition. When he was found, he still had body temperature.

And Taiwan media also reported more details of suicide. There was a mobile phone without a password on the scene, on which there was a message sent by Mingdao brother and his friends a few days ago. It said that he owed tens of millions of debts for gambling outside, because he couldnt afford it, and his family blamed him all the time, so he had the idea of suicide.

But I dont want to live if I dont want to. Its a scum to take my wife and children to the spring together.

Whats more sad is Mingdao and his family.

After the news came out, mingdaofang quickly gave a response: very shocked and sad, I know nothing about this case, and I am trying to understand what happened. They will cooperate with the police in the investigation and pacify their families.

It is said that Dao liked his nephew very much. His mood broke down and he cried in the police station.

Think of the Chinese New Year in less than twenty days. Its hard for any family to bear such a situation.

At this time, its really the best comfort to let the Mingdao family deal with it silently without disturbing.


Dont look at the domineering president in so many idol plays, but in fact, he is a child from a real poor family.

When I was a child, four of them lived in a small house of more than 40 square meters.

After school, Mingdao will help his parents and brother sell dried fish in the market.

Even after he became popular, he was once nicknamed Prince of vegetable market.

Although his family is not very rich, Mingdao has a good relationship with his family. When he was in kindergarten, he suffered from muscle weakness. His brother carries him to and from school every day.

After he became famous, he did not forget his familys kindness to him. He tried to earn money and help his family live a good life.

Mingdao had spent NT $50 million for his parents to buy a luxury house early, and left the first floor to his mother who had poor legs and feet.

Later, his mother felt bored and wanted to go back to her old job, so she spent two weeks persuading Mingdao to go back to the market and sell sweet potatoes wholesale.


After the filial Mingdao, he also accompanied his mother to set up a stall in the vegetable market, and even held an umbrella for his mother. There was no star shelf at all.

Before his debut, Mingdaos brother lost a lot of money due to stock speculation and gambling, so that after Mingdao became famous, the first thing was to make money to help him pay more than 5 million Taiwan dollars in debt, and then arranged his wedding expenses.

As my brother and sister-in-law have been waiting for work at home, they are willing to bear all the expenses of the family. In addition to supporting their elderly parents, they will give them more than NT $100000 a month.

However, Mingdaos efforts paid in exchange for his brother, a white eyed wolf.

Because of trust, Mingdao gave all his documents to his brother for safekeeping, so as to facilitate the handling of some affairs.

Who would have thought that his brother took all his drivers license account books to mortgage and borrow money, with a loan amount of up to NT $6.5 million.

The brother, who cant afford money, hid and left the mess to the wise way without knowing it.

Because he couldnt find Mingdaos brother, the angry creditors went directly to the activity site where Mingdao was participating and asked him to repay his brothers debt, which was very embarrassing for a time.

This is not the first time that Mingdao feels very tired. In the interview, it was revealed that: every month, he will give his brother living expenses, but in order to speculate in stocks, he will mortgage all his properties and borrow money, and more and more debts, just like a bottomless hole.

He confessed that his brother has been a time bomb for a long time and said he would not help him pay his debts.

But Mingdao still read the Brotherhood: my brother used to be a very good person, and now he is too.

At that time, I didnt say to death that I didnt want to happen again. If I did, I would discuss with my family.

With such a family, everyone will feel tired. They work hard to earn money, but they are all hurt.

It turns out that gamblers have no memory.

In 2016, Mingdaos brother borrowed money in his name, and even threatened: my brother will deal with it.


This time, he really touched the bottom line of Mingdao. After discussing with his family, he was ruthless and completely ignored his brother.

He also made a statement: it is important to understand the responsibilities of being a public figure. He has never been involved in gambling or drugs. As for his familys behavior, he will make a final conclusion through legal or moral examination in the future. As a child, he can only try his best to deal with things well and not let his parents worry.

But the injustice has the head, the debt has the Lord, also hoped that the law can guard this principle, and begged the outside world to give them the space to solve.

If you have too much burden on your brother, you will be completely cut off from his robe.

But, unexpectedly, three years later, this elder brother, who had never known his repentance, actually took revenge on his family by taking his wife and children to be buried with him.



It was supposed to be the family that made them feel warm. Unexpectedly, they suffered more hardships because they took more detours.

Its very painful to think about it.

All these years, he has been busy making money and receiving plays for his brother to repay his debts. No matter how hard he works, he has no complaints.

When shooting Wangs Woman, Mingdao accidentally fell down on the ground due to the accidental fracture of the saddle belt, but in order not to affect the shooting effect and process, he insisted on not using a double and completed the shooting.

After shooting, he went to see a doctor and found that his knee bone was cracked. However, he continued to complete his part with pain.

When shooting kidnapper, because of the need of the plot, Mingdao had to hang Weiya to climb back and forth at the height of about the seventh floor, and the whole person was flying in the middle of a dozen meters or even tens of meters tall buildings.

As a result, due to the negligence of the staff, Mingdaos head hit the steel plate on the wall heavily when it rose, which resulted in a concussion.

But these Mingdao have never been mentioned, but Im sorry that I didnt improve my acting skills and fell into a deadlock.

In the variety show please put the actors in place, I said frankly that I may not have any success in recent years, even I look down on myself a little.

Its sad to hear what he said. Its clear that hes the most noble and childlike person to play the bully president. Its clear that hes such a hard-working artist.

He is not the only star dragged by his family. Zhang Shaohan was once snowed by his own parents.

At that time, Zhang Shaohan became famous as a young man and earned a lot of money in performing outside.

Filial she gave all her money to her mother to take care of it, but she didnt expect her mother was not only bad at managing money, but also extravagant. She used all her money to gamble and have fun, and the money was soon lost.

After Zhang Shaohan knew it, he stopped giving money to her mother to keep it. However, her mother exposed her unfaithfulness and threatened to destroy her. In addition, she broke the news about her drinking and drug abuse. For a while, Zhang Shaohans career fell to the bottom.

Zhang Shaohan lost more than ten jin during that time, and he came back through I am a singer many years later.

When Anita Mui was alive, she was fan shengmei.

In order to support her family, Anita Mui sang when she was four and a half years old. After becoming popular, she became the money tree of her family.

Mei Ma gambles and squanders a lot of money. Her brother loses tens of millions in business, which is also left to Anita Mui to repay.

In order to get money from her, her mother and brother have to think of ways and excuses.

Later, when Anita Mui was ill, it wasnt her familys concern that she was waiting for, but her mother wanted to get money from her.

Frustrated, Anita Mui didnt leave her wealth to her mother. Instead, she set up a foundation to provide her mother with a monthly alimony, which is also the end of her duty.

However, after her death, Mei Ma did not forget to spend her daughter.

In order to relieve the pressure of her life, she auctioned her daily necessities before her death, even her underwear.


Mao Xiaotongs gambling loving father publicly slandered her in the program; CAI Shaofen once had to be a lover for Liu luangxiong in order to help his family repay debts

All the bustle of the world is for profit, all the bustle of the world is for profit.

But the relationship between relatives should not be measured by money.

Its a pity that we can never call those who cant wake up and pretend to sleep, nor can we call back the conscience of those who are inspired by interests.

Its better to stop losing as soon as possible than to die in a hole.

Dont kidnap with any affection. They really dont deserve it.

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