[deep water entertainment issue 1] airport live broadcast: entertainment in mobile camera

 [deep water entertainment issue 1] airport live broadcast: entertainment in mobile camera

They only shoot stars, who is the best. Especially the flow star; sometimes I meet the old artists. The old artists are generally low-key and easy to get close to. If they dont shoot in white, they dont shoot in white. If they are more brave, they may take a picture together and ask for a signature. Some artists look at the face of strangers, and dont care about them. If they shoot first, they would rather shoot one thousand wrong than one.

They are migrant workers, Hengdian group performers, or jobless tourists with empty hands, but at the airport, they are the masters of the camera.

Driven by desire, they become a tiny part of fans economic chain. On the contrary, from their shaky mobile phone lens, an unrefined entertainment circle is about to emerge, and the surging undercurrent and motionless game may be more intriguing.

At the t2vip passage, people will heighten the camera lens of their mobile phones and aim it at the exit of the hall (pictures provided by interviewees)

Live mens group

At 11:30 p.m., Wang Yibos flight from Changsha to Beijing has landed. But there was a disagreement among the airports hosts about whether the popular artist could go through the VIP channel tonight. Wang Ti saw that there were two bodyguards in black waiting at the T2 arrival gate of the capital airport. He concluded that Wang Yibo was not a V tonight. Moreover, fans in the right time had gathered there in groups and looked in.

Xiao Pang, holding two mobile phones, walked out of the entrance without looking back. He turned 100 meters to the right, which was the VIP passage of T2. Wang Yibo must go v.

Seeing Xiao Pang leave the entrance, Wang ti is a little bottomless. Observe for ten minutes. If not, go to entrance v.

Waiting at the V mouth, Xiao Pang pulls out the racquet rod, pulls it to the longest position, steps on the platform at the door, and snaps it in place, enough to let the mobile phone cross the 2m high iron fence of VIP passage. Through such shooting, fans behind the camera can see the idol for 2 seconds. If the idol runs two more steps, you can only see one shadow.

Xiao Pang is 25 years old and has been excavating for several years at the construction site. He likes Zhao Liying, runs around the goddess activities, releases his own fast track account, and becomes a star catching boy. As time went on, he found out some rules, and found that not only his favorite artists could go up, but also the other artists came out with traffic. The cost of running around was too high. He chose to stay at the airport and become one of the anchor of the earliest live broadcaster. The fans on the fast hand were close to 2 million.

Wangs Live ID bears the names of eight top artists. The number of fans is close to 900000. In general, the anchor is late in the evening and cant get up in the morning, but he is more diligent than others. In the morning, he came to the airport to start broadcasting. He summed up himself, eat, sleep and shoot stars, thats all three things.

There are dozens of anchors like Xiao Pang and Wang Ti at the airport. Most of them are from the north, part of them are fans of star chasers, part of them are group performances from the north of Hengdian. In the cold winter of the film and television industry, Hengdian cant digest so many group performances, and some of them have transformed to live. At the beginning, there were not many people squatting in the airport. Over a long period of time, relatives and friends came together in succession. Some of them even took their apprentices with them. They became a mens group all of a sudden.

There is almost no need for any professional equipment for live broadcasting in the airport: two mobile phones, one DV, two rechargeable batteries, two data lines, one selfie bar, and an external lens. Some hosts have higher requirements for video. They have replaced their mobile phones with the latest version of the iPhone 11, with more than 10000.

When shooting, they have two mobile phones in their hands, one for recording high-definition video, and the other for live broadcasting. The data line is plugged into the mobile phone at any time to prevent power failure. Once the stars appear at the entrance, the anchors will be like bees returning to their homes, surrounded from all sides. Some artists want to go to a bathroom, and the cameras of the anchors will face the bathroom door, waiting for the artists to show up at any time.

They held their breath and stared at the screen of the mobile phone. In order to prevent falling, some of them laid their shoulders on each other and the whole team was V-shaped. The middle C position is non-stop. This position should be taken by the airport.

Three members of Dujiang family were surrounded by the anchors as soon as they left the station


Traffic artists are the first choice for airport shooting. In the digital economy, traffic is everything. Sometimes, you can meet old artists. Old artists are generally low-key and easy to get close to. If you are a little more brave, you can take a picture together and ask for a signature. Some stars look at the strangers and take care of them. If you take a picture first, youd better take a thousand wrong pictures instead of one.

Most stars arrive at the airport equipped with hats, sunglasses and masks. I cant recognize a lot of them. Xiao Pang doesnt care about it. After shooting it first, someone will recognize it in the studio It doesnt matter if you dont recognize him. You can always classify him as a series star who doesnt know and has traffic.

In contrast, they like to take pictures of stars without masks. Theyd better wear makeup. Fans love to watch. However, not all artists who come to the airport make up. During the security check, the stars take off their hats, masks, glasses, and the stars aura. In the camera, they look like ordinary people. At this time, it is a great opportunity to capture the stars plain face. Of course, the hosts wont let it go easily.

Therefore, the two sides staged a shot blocking competition at the security checkpoint. The scene is comparable to the art of behavior. Assistants and bodyguards stand on tiptoe and wave their hands in the air, trying to interfere with the camera. They dont use enough hands and often fail. In this unfiltered video, you can accidentally find a pockmark or a mole on the face of the artists living in the refined pictures.

When artists are frequently on the move, it is also the busiest time for airport anchors, such as now. On January 1, at least 55 artists came and went to the capital airport, and the anchormans also came and went. Its common to stay up late. Of course, there are also all night periods. Last May, Xiao Pang stayed up from 3 a.m. to 10 a.m. and broadcast six artists live.

On January 1, some artists flights to and from the airport were sold privately

Sometimes, the artists who want to broadcast are not in the same terminal. After broadcasting one, they need to take the airport ferry to another terminal. The ferry ride is fixed, as long as 20 minutes, they will appear on time at the next stars arrival.

The whereabouts of artists are hardly a secret in the entertainment circle. The information of artists sold in private is negligible compared with their value: for 1 yuan, you can buy all the artists flights to and from the capital airport every day; for 10 yuan, you can buy 200 famous artists ID information; for 200 yuan, you can buy more than 1000 artists ID information in a package, almost covering all the artists ID numbers. These extremely private information, with low price and barrier free, has been a mature assembly line.

Xiao Pang denies buying information. For example, Wang Yibo, there are many places to visit. One is Changsha, the other is Zhejiang. He shot you Fei in Zhejiang and recorded day up in Changsha. If there is an activity tomorrow, it will fly today.

Besides, I have a lot of fans. Do I still need to buy flights? Fans will tell me who has who today and dont need to knock the machine by themselves. Especially for the traffic star, there will be a departure map for the departure. As long as the artist is on board ten minutes later, there will be an update of his departure map in the microblog chat.

Part of the artists flights displayed in the studio

There are skills to find in the airport. T3s No. 2 departure point is the most popular departure point for star artists, because it is the closest to the first-class check-in area. If its T2, most of the anchors will squat in No. 12. Compared with T3, its more convenient for shooting. Its spacious and bright, especially at the entrance. If you walk, the artists need to walk 50 meters long corridor, two escalators, and then 30 meters to reach the parking lot. This process takes at least 5 minutes, leaving enough time for shooting. Even for VIP channel, T3 environment is far more optimistic than T2: they lean on the railings, point DV at the VIP Hall 50 meters away, pull the camera closer, and then use their mobile phones to face the DV picture; in contrast, T2 VIP channel is close to the road, but it is almost covered by a block.

On December 22, the hosts watched the battle of Xiao at night. They have been waiting for nearly an hour on the side of the road at - 7 u2103, and one hand holding the mobile phone is going to freeze. At 11:30 p.m., Xiao Zhan finally appeared in the VIP Hall of the airport. He walked quickly to the lounge. There was a commotion in the crowd. Xiao Pang held up his DV and pulled the video closer. In the camera, a figure in a white hat flashed by. Some fans thought that the time was too short. I saw it for a second, and I saw it. Let you see it again. Xiao Pang slowed down the playback speed and played it again.

The live broadcast is not over yet. It wont be long before the vehicles to pick up artists will drive into the VIP area of T3. They usually wait for the artist to leave by car. At this time, they are most worried that these expensive luxury cars will stop in front of the entrance of the hall, which will block the camera, and the hosts will follow the car. Sometimes, they will command the driver to stop the car and shout at the voice that can be heard in the car, another meter ahead!

Wang Yibo is under siege (source: Netease Entertainment)

The anchor and fans are waiting for Wang Yibo to appear outside the T2 VIP channel of the Capital Airport

If the airport hosts are classified in the most crude way, they can be divided into group performances or non group performances.

Good at packaging is a major feature of the hosts who have had group performance background. Daquan, a recent anchor, is 27 years old and has just come from the south. He did a group of performances for a while, and was very particular about the movie stars. He used a local love language to send a video to the female artists for a while.

Unlike other anchors, Daquan likes to record a video for himself and merge it with the artists video. He values the interaction with artists and hopes to open up the situation quickly through differentiated competition.

However, it was only a few days after the broadcast, because of a line of headlines - legs in reality, he was sanctioned by the platform, and the number of people in the studio was lower than three for a long time, and he was still in a struggling period.

On the seat of the airport man coffee, he began to complain, hundreds of thousands of women cheated him. More than once, he asked why he had been cheated many times. His meaning was helpless, forced, only blaming himself too honest. According to Daquans original plan, he wanted to find a good girl, go back to his hometown in Henan, and live with his craft. Now, he can only broadcast live at the airport.

When performing in groups, the camera is in the hands of others. Now, I am the master of the camera. When there is no star to take photos of, some people also take some photos of themselves, wearing a black cap, tucking their autumn pants into white socks, putting their hands in their pockets and making a circle of friends, which means I have the potential to be a star.

Wang ti is very self-conscious. He doesnt take photos of himself and never takes the initiative to take photos with stars. He only took photos with Wang Hong. I grew up taking photos with others like this. Im sorry to open my mouth. If they dont take photos for you, you cant say anything.

Xiao Pang also has no group acting experience. He is low-key, often wrapped in a cotton coat, half lying on the ground playing games, and rarely talks with the stars in the shooting unless the other side speaks first. If the stars dont let it, he wont, adding, most stars have a good temper.

In his view, some of the anchors dont do a good job of broadcasting stars, just rely on their mouths.. Xiao Pang has spent a lot of time on the live broadcast. He has an excellent memory and pays attention to everything about the artists: the license plate and car model of the artists, the assistant around him, and the airport bodyguard who escorts the artists. He is tall, with a bag on his back, black all the year round, and has lightning signs on his arms. many stars use bodyguards from the same company. There are more than a dozen familiar faces. Most of the stars are girls, All of them are male stars, so there are bodyguards. What kind of bodyguards do female stars want? All the red female stars go VIP.

Fans are the real owners

Fans are one of the key links in the live broadcast chain of the airport. They are the real gold masters of the hosts. At the same time, the hosts can understand a truth very well: the fans in the studio are the fans of the artists, not my fans. Keep this in mind, and youll be able to get a clear picture when youre broadcasting.

The anchors address to the artist is more grounded. Fans see brother and brother as brother in the Live Room: Zhan brother, Kun brother and Xizi brother. The shooting conditions at the airport are limited. The last video is bright or dark, clear or fuzzy. Most fans dont mind. Even if they only take a shadow, Xiao Pang will send it back to them. He will also convey the concerns of fans and remind their idols to wear autumn pants.

If the artist is flying at 1:00 in the middle of the night, Xiao Pang needs to arrive at the airport at 11:00 in the evening to start broadcasting. His broadcast time is generally two hours ahead of the artists flight. He knows which artist is used to visiting the airport. He will not intentionally prolong the fans watching time.

Wang tis live broadcast style is different from Xiao Pangs. If the fans ask him, what time does XX arrive? he can only reply to you, soon.. According to the live experience, he cant say a few things in the studio, the whole studio has no fans.

This kind of behavior is called powder walking. Wang ti is not the only one who strolls the fans. Another live broadcast at the airport has a high rank on strolls the fans. One sentence: people are coming soon. Fans have to wait for two hours. Finally, whether they can wait or not depends on luck.

He has the most holes. Daheng said. Daheng has been in the entertainment circle for many years, and is the first big brother to take these anchors to the arena to broadcast stars.

When everyone is in Hengdian, they can broadcast live in front of a hotel without XX and cheat XX fans. Daheng cant bear that these people cheat money, so he uses his own resources to show them real stars. But now some things, even he is too lazy to manage, they like the stars are fake, whose fans are in the live room, the anchor likes who. In the early stage of live broadcast, everyones ID was his own name, now who hung up whos name in red.

Sometimes there are too many artists to show. Come on, PK, whose fans win and whose idols they show. So, the girls scattered a lot of money to see the idols shadow in the VIP channel.

One of the airports hosts got it: what is the live broadcast? Live broadcast is money.

Waiting airport photo outside t3vip passage

Class and equity

For the lens, artists often have a near is not inferior to far is resentful complex in it. From several on-site observations, the artist faced no less than 50 scenes at the airport. According to the number of shots, each airport show is no less than a small press conference.

In Xiao Pangs opinion, if a star doesnt walk VIP, it has nothing to do with red or not, but likes to be exposed. Some people like to walk V if they dont like to be exposed. If they dont walk V, they dont have to be angry. Zhao Wei doesnt have to be angry. You say Zhao Wei is not angry.

If you pay attention to the observation, the reaction of stars in the airport is more related to their career trend. Especially for the artists who intend to return, the airport is often the best choice for the water test of return. Last year, one of the first-line female stars who was deeply involved in the tax storm had a difficult comeback, and the media exposure was dealt with after being suppressed. The female stars have always taken the VIP channel, but recently they frequently appear in the arrival hall of the airport. In the small pangs mobile phone lens, she still walked gracefully and smiled, reminding people around her to pay attention to her feet from time to time, and her attitude was extremely close to the people. Once, Pang was lucky enough to take a picture of him and the goddess and set up a new head.

Artists will return to the water test occasion in the airport, but also more than one of the above. After the production of female artists, also favor airport show. As long as they voluntarily expose themselves to the public, the camera will automatically focus on their belly, arms and thighs. Only through this pass can they return to the stage in a big way - they are familiar with this.

Of course, not all artists are green eyed about the airport show. Far away, there are Wu Jing, Hu Ge, Lai Guanlin and others, who complain about the acting shooting of the airport. At the beginning of December, at the T2 departure point, Wu Jing pointed to the opposite anchors and acting photographers, and said, dont let people hate you.

The artists who travel in simple clothes simply run and leave a group of people far behind.

However, it is more helpless. Wang Kai and his assistant went to the security check, Su Yan. Facing the surrounded camera, the assistant waved his hand, no recording here, you Will you obey me? People promised, but mobile phones wouldnt come down.

Some people may not understand, do not want to expose the VIP directly.

The reason why reality is reality is that every link wants to get a share from the stars. A business reception company has provided a quotation for the VIP channel of the capital airport: ordinary people go through the VIP channel once in the capital airport, 1500 yuan / time for a single person; for the single calculation of stars, 12000 yuan / time for less than 3 people, and 1200 yuan for each additional person. The airport points to stars to earn money, the service provider said

Xiao Pang has a little sense. After a stars security check, how long can I earn it back? Its not fair..

The quotation provided by the service provider includes the difference between the middlemen, but the cost of stars is still far higher than that of ordinary people, especially the flow artists, fans gathering more than 10 people, will be included in the blacklist.

However, these troubles are only for stars. Wang ti is very calm, its OK to be scolded, its OK to be scolded, they are angry, we are not angry, try to follow their wishes, our purpose is to see them.

Warning signs forbidding shooting are hung outside t3vip channel

Advance and retreat

In fact, no one has ever made a fortune in the airport live broadcast. At least not this group. In the assembly line of consumer stars and fans, their position in this ring is almost insignificant.

They didnt even catch up with the live dividend. According to Daheng, in the past, the monthly income of live broadcast was 10000 yuan. Today, the better performing anchor has just maintained his life in Beijing with a monthly income of 56000 yuan.

Most of them rent near the airport. The rent for a month will not exceed two thousand yuan. Dinner at the airport, eight yuan can buy a dumpling in the convenience store. At the end of the live broadcast every night, Wang Ti rode his motorcycle back to his residence. As soon as he entered the door, he stepped two steps to the bedside. On the circular row on the ground, there were several different types of rechargers. The disposable paper cup was lying in the corner of the wall and covered with a layer of ash.

Not every day top class artists appear in the airport, more often, they are waiting, boiling, lying or lying in the waiting hall, killing time.

Before the Star Awards held by Dachang came, Xiao Pang received an official invitation and got a media quota. As a self-Media, he participated in the starry party. The Yellow bull wanted to bid 10000 yuan to recycle his tickets, but he refused. Even if it went to 15000 yuan, he didnt hesitate. He took enough power and sat down in the second row of block B, only to find that the stage and the stars were all back to him, unable to make good-looking video, but he did it for nine hours in a row.

Recently, the wind direction at the airport is not very good. The hosts are very nervous and careful. The big hat of scolding and clapping is put on their heads, which makes them feel bad. From time to time, when the media come to visit, they are far away, like avoiding a plague. When they talk, their eyes fall on your hands warily to see if you are stealing the video. If there is any doubt, they will jump out as if they were scalded by boiling water.

In recent times, they have also been checked frequently. Seeing a place full of people, Xiao Pang would not move forward. He was afraid that it would affect the social order and be renamed. He forcibly endorsed himself, and the fast ID added three words of positive energy, like adding a talisman.

Even so, he was uneasy. I cant stay at the airport. Ill clear it one day. Its true that there are too many people filming at the airport. Some people dont look at the road when they shoot it. President Pang reminds him, we are a whole. It doesnt matter if he kills us. Our hard work is buried with him. In the end, he couldnt look down. He pulled them all together.

Recently, he began to think about transformation. There are so many fans chasing stars. Recently, he lost his fans. He asked the fans for their opinions in the live broadcast room to see what the selling points were better. You dont want to brush gifts. You cant do cosmetics. I dont understand. There are not so many signatures for sale.. Some fans suggested eating and broadcasting. He thought again: eating and broadcasting has costs. You are not satisfied with what you eat. I have no money if you eat well.

Once upon a time, just after the live broadcast of the star, Xiao Pangs account was switched to a jewelry counter to sell a chain of beads with a price of 20 or 30 yuan. The anchor continued to broadcast for 2 hours. His mouth was dry. After watching the sales volume, he sighed and shut down the broadcast directly.

Xiao Pang has only started to take the goods in recent two months and has made a commission of more than 1 yuan for one piece. In November, the Commission of his shop was 419 yuan, and that of December was 115.84 yuan.

At this time, he began to envy the stars a bit. Even if its line 18 or line 28, I dont need to open a live broadcast to ask for gifts. I dont want to be a net red.

Beijing has officially entered the winter. The northwest wind in the night is strong and makes people feel numb. He and the other hosts just finished filming a top-notch artist, and sprint for the Airport Ferry. This free shuttle for airport passengers is smooth and punctual. It always stops there and waits for people on all sides. At 11:30 p.m., the ferry slowly left the station. There are few passengers on the bus, the lights have gone out, and everything around is dark. Only the faces of the hosts outlined by the light of the mobile phone are clear. The curious passengers look at the focused young people in the opposite direction, and they cant hear what they are talking about. Ferry car continues to drive to the dark night, looking around, you will be in a trance, in front of all this, as if a dream. (at the request of the interviewers, Pang, Wang Ti, Daheng and Daquan are all pseudonyms.) source of this article: Shenshui entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655

Beijing has officially entered the winter. The northwest wind in the night is strong and makes people feel numb. He and the other hosts just finished filming a top-notch artist, and sprint for the Airport Ferry. This free shuttle for airport passengers is smooth and punctual. It always stops there and waits for people on all sides.

At 11:30 p.m., the ferry slowly left the station. There are few passengers on the bus, the lights have gone out, and everything around is dark. Only the faces of the hosts outlined by the light of the mobile phone are clear. The curious passengers look at the focused young people in the opposite direction, and they cant hear what they are talking about. Ferry car continues to drive to the dark night, looking around, you will be in a trance, in front of all this, as if a dream.

(at the request of the visitors, Pang, Wang Ti, Daheng and Daquan are all pseudonyms.)