You can watch action movies at home when you design on a mansion with cool laser

 You can watch action movies at home when you design on a mansion with cool laser

This house with red laser device is not a small one. It was designed by Mies van der Rohe for Edith Farnsworth in 1951. It is regarded as an important building in the modernist style and was designated as the national historical landmark in 2006. The laser device, called geometry of light, was on display at the Chicago Architecture Exhibition last October. The whole house is full of laser geometry display. The red laser is full of technology and cool.

The original appearance of this house is very common modern design, white ceiling, white ground, huge floor to floor windows, indoor furniture is mainly wood, plus leather American sofa. There is no unnecessary decoration. Its very simple.

But such a simple and ordinary house, installed with a red laser device, immediately changed into a kind, full of technology, cool and mysterious. Especially at night, the building itself is hidden in the dark, leaving only a red laser to outline the implicit shape of the building, which is just too handsome.

These lasers are horizontally and vertically distributed in all corners of the house. The window edge, wall corner, column, ceiling and ground are all clearly outlined. Its like the 3D entity design drawing of the house, and the details of the house that we often neglect are presented in the field of vision under the guidance of the laser, which cant help but make people carefully examine the house.

Because the house is located near the river and has been flooded many times in history, in order to express this event, the designer has built water mist, light and shadow and sound devices outside the house. These ethereal water mist, in the rendering of light and shadow, shows obvious visibility, just like the flow of water, and the original transparent water mist is dyed red, showing a full sense of technology.

Not only the house, but also the woods around the house are equipped with such laser devices. The trees show their shape under the outline of the laser. They shuttle in the woods at night, as if they have entered a science fiction film. Living in such a house, you can watch action movies at home without going out every day. Its so interesting to think about it.

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