The exposure of the renderings of the new Mercedes Benz S-class car

 The exposure of the renderings of the new Mercedes Benz S-class car

In terms of appearance design, the new car uses a flat design style, especially in the design of front and rear lamp sets, which is somewhat similar to the current Mercedes Benz CLS. With a strong sense of science and technology, the hidden door handle matches the new design style, which is much younger than the cash model in the overall design, and conforms to the current market trend of the young luxury car owners.

In terms of interior design, combined with the hypothetical pictures and spy photos, the new car completely gave up the connected screen of the current model and adopted the super large screen popular at present. The whole central control area is occupied by a large LCD screen, which has a strong sense of future. However, compared with the current model, it lacks the luxury sense that some models of this level should have.

At present, there is no more information about the power. Mercedes Benz S-class brand-new interior design is generally younger. It can be seen that Mercedes Benz wants to attract more young peoples attention. In terms of luxury, I hope that Mercedes Benz can bring surprises to consumers after the release of real cars in the future. We will continue to follow and bring you more relevant information.

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