Build BMW based on X7 and launch 5 seat brand new pickup

 Build BMW based on X7 and launch 5 seat brand new pickup

The pickup model is a project that luxury brands have been trying, and the Mercedes Benz x-class on the same platform as Nissan Navarra is an attempt. However, its sales volume in Europe, Australia and South Africa in 2018 was only 16700, resulting in the high-level thinking of shutting it down. In contrast, BMW brands enthusiasm for pickups is much higher than that of Mercedes Benz. From the e30m3 pickups, the e92m3 pickups, to the X7 pickups, BMW has always been obsessive about the pickups. So in the following time, more than ten students spent more than ten months to transform this BMWs largest SUV.

The BMW X7 pickup concept car retains the front design of the mass production version of the X7, the rear body is cut off and changed into a cargo compartment, and is also equipped with a highly adjustable air suspension, so that it is easier to load and unload goods.

In the rear part of the car, due to the change of the body form, the manufacturer of the new car modified the original tail lamp shape of the X7 to two small longitudinal tail lamps. In the interior of the cargo compartment, the cargo compartment of the BMW X7 pickup concept car is paved with polished wooden floor and carbon fiber, which makes it full of luxury. At the same time, as the rear part of the car body is transformed into a cargo compartment, the vehicle length of the new car is increased by 100 mm. However, due to the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials (CFRP), the vehicle weight is reduced by 200 kg, and the rear cargo compartment can accommodate a BMW f850gs motorcycle.

The BMW X7 pickup concept has five seats in it to maximize comfort on this flagship SUV, even though it is now a pickup.

In terms of power, the new car is built on the basis of the BMW x7xdrive40i, which is equipped with a 3.0T turbocharged in-line six cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 340 HP, a peak torque of 447 nm, and a transmission matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system.