Russian officers reveal: what is the risk of misfire of nuclear weapons?

 Russian officers reveal: what is the risk of misfire of nuclear weapons?

Yuri chimujing A: in terms of technology, security on this issue is effective enough. The battle command system of the missile forces, both within Russia and in other countries, precludes any unauthorized action.

Q: is it possible for hackers to enter communication channels and give orders to launch missiles?

A: no way. It is impossible for outsiders to obtain the key without access.

A: strategic missiles are launched according to the instructions. The order of the Rocketmen was called the key.. This is a very complex cryptosystem.

Q: in Russia, who can make the decision to carry out a nuclear strike?

A: the Supreme Commander - the president of Russia.

A: (Russia) commander in chief of the strategic missile force, who will then convey the order to his subordinates.

Q: how is the order delivered to the Rocketmen level?

A: the command is communicated through the device. There are many ways of transmission. But the main channel is the automatic battle command system, because the time factor is very important.

Photo: Russias Yales intercontinental missile launch vehicle ready for the victory parade. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

Photo: formation flying of Russian Air Force Tu-160 and tu-95ms strategic bombers. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

What is the time factor?

A: time factor refers to the interval of several minutes or seconds in total, i.e. the time from the decision (upper level of Russian Army) to receiving the order and executing the missile launch.

Q: what if the serviceman in charge of receiving the order is suddenly insane when he is on duty? Is it possible to press the button in this case?

A: no way. Because the command system requires clear and strict centralized execution of orders and instructions in each link. Suppose that if one link is not passed, it will not jump to the next step. This is not an infantry regiment or division. Soldiers or officers are armed and fight independently. Strategic missiles are collective weapons. The difference is huge. If there is a potential risk in the air and space forces, the fighter belongs to the pilot, so the pilot may act recklessly. Its impossible for the strategic missile force.

Photo: Russian Navys north wind god class strategic nuclear submarine. (Russian Navy official website)

Q: but there are also strategic bombers - the air and space forces you just mentioned, and the Russian navy with strategic nuclear submarines

A: it has nothing to do with the means of delivery of nuclear warheads. The command system of strategic weapons of all major countries is almost the same everywhere, and unauthorized launch is not allowed.

Q: will nuclear powers inform each other in advance of training and launching?

A: we will definitely inform all such actions in advance. There is such an agreement, as well as a convention ratified by the United Nations, that requires notification of not only missile launches, but also nuclear tests.

A: it is impossible to conceal the launch of ballistic missiles. Russia and its opponents have reconnaissance and early warning satellite groups in orbit. Launch any ballistic missile - whether from the well or on the ground, the early warning satellite will immediately send a signal to the headquarters about the location of the missile launch in which country. Therefore, it is impossible for a nuclear war to break out accidentally due to mistakes.

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