The U.S. has been expelled by Iraq. CCTVs withdraw without leaving fear becoming normal

 The U.S. has been expelled by Iraq. CCTVs withdraw without leaving fear becoming normal

Iraqs guest chasing against the United States is not only due to the recent US air strikes, but also a series of direct human rights and political impacts on Iraq. Behind the guest chasing is Iraqs deep-rooted dissatisfaction with the United States.

First, for Iraq, what it emphasizes is sovereignty. It can be seen from the continuous air strikes by the US military that the US has not given enough respect to Iraqs sovereignty. Similarly, it has not paid enough respect to which country the Iraqi government chooses to develop diplomatic relations with, or even to play a mediating role in regional security affairs. At this time, for the Iraqi government, it is more about how to get along with the future of the United States. Behind the order for passengers released a deeper level of information, but also in response to the current Iraqi peoples dissatisfaction with the US military.

The United States is afraid of becoming normal in Iraq

It remains to be seen whether the US military will go or not. At present, although US President trump and others constantly claim that the United States should shrink its military presence in the Middle East, the withdrawal of troops is also an important move trump constantly mentioned. However, from the perspective of practical actions, it will be a more normal situation for the US military to withdraw rather than leave in Iraq.

On the one hand, for the United States, the Middle East is one of the three strategic centers of the United States, which is an important support for the Middle East Strategy of the United States. The United States will not give up its strategic support for no reason. Recently, tensions between the United States and Iran have increased. Withdrawing troops from Iraq is not an important option for the United States to subdue Iran. Therefore, at this time, some of the noise released by the United States for Iraq, including the demand for Iraq to pay for the base costs and the need for sanctions, all reflect that the United States has some setbacks in the process of regional strategy, and shows some anxiety.

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