Junior three girl sleeping netizens sell girlfriends for beating, taking nude photos and raping

 Junior three girl sleeping netizens sell girlfriends for beating, taking nude photos and raping

He recalled that he had once hung up a girl in a circle of friends (online words, referring to publishing some of someones words and deeds to the Internet platform for exposure), which caused the dissatisfaction of Liu, a young man in the society, who pulled he into a wechat group and joined Hua and others to insult him.

Only in the network scolding war is not enough to resolve Qi, Liu a pedestrian asked him to touch the reality. After several times of tossing and turning, Hua found that his net friend Li was a classmate of he, so he was cheated to Ningbo by Li.

Hotel monitoring shows that after he arrived at the hotel, Li left, Liu and Hua came to the hotel room with several other girls to insult and beat him.

Tap with belt, shoes, data line, splash with water bottle, smash head with vase Because I think its very handsome to hit people, all of which was photographed by Hua with his mobile phone. A group of minors treat a minor like this. Even when the police in charge of a case saw these videos as evidence, they used shocking to describe it.

Later, Liu and others forced to open the bathroom door when he wanted to take a bath, took nude photos of him, and divided his cash (this has constituted a crime of robbery, and he should bear criminal responsibility when he was 14 years old).

When he came to the police station to report the case, the video of her beating was saved in her mobile phone. Originally, Liu and Hua even shared the video to the wechat group they used to scold at the beginning in order to show off. The nude photos of He Mou are shared by her friends.

At a time when the case seems very clear, Wang Yuan, the policeman in charge of the case, thinks that it is not only a fight between ordinary students, but also a conspiracy.

Police uncle, I lied. Can I repeat that? When he signed the record, he regretted it. After a psychological struggle, he said that he had been raped on the night of the crime. Zhang Chen, a big brother, finally emerged.

Earlier, Liu and Hua met Zhang Chen, who was in his thirties, in a bar. Zhang Chen, the demolition household, is a big spendthrift. He often helps them pay for food and cigarettes, and according to his work in the bar, he becomes the big brother of Liu and Hua. There is no free lunch in the world. Behind Zhang Chens generosity, he asked little boys to introduce girls to him for reward. According to Hua, they have introduced more than a dozen girls to Zhang Chen, including he.

On the night of the crime, Zhang Chen asked Liu and others for his mobile phone and ID card, and took him to another hotel to open a room. According to the police, there are two or three minors who have been sexually assaulted by Zhang Chen in the same way.

Just like a normal friend, she agreed and took off her clothes. Despite being arrested and brought to justice, Zhang Chen still didnt show any remorse to reporters.

From excellent students to accomplices in evil cases, underage is not shield

Liu, infatuated with online games, dropped out of junior high school, began to frequent bars and met Hua, who works in bars.

Hua Mou, Gao Yi was punished for fighting. He worked in the bar as a liquor salesman and got to know Zhang Chen, an old customer.

Li met Hua through social software and had sex on the first day of meeting. Hua agreed to help Li pay for the appointment, but Li wanted to help cheat him out. As a key figure in the case, Li was originally a very obedient three good students. After a class division in the third grade, Lis performance plummeted. He was arranged by the teacher to sit in the poor student area and began to mix with his classmates around him. A small group of juvenile delinquents was formed. Even when they were arrested, the police did not see any fear in their eyes.

Im still thinking in prison that Im a minor and could be released in two weeks at most. Finally, Li, who realized the seriousness of the problem, cried in prison, I didnt expect to be locked for such a long time..

Lis grandmother is very old, she said, and now she only hopes that Li will accept the transformation well and hope that the family can get together as soon as possible. (Zhang Chen is not his real name)

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