German defense minister denies that Germany will withdraw from Iraq

 German defense minister denies that Germany will withdraw from Iraq

According to a statement issued by the German Federal Ministry of defense, the day suleymani was killed (3 this month) the German soldiers interrupted the training of Iraqi security forces and Kurds in Iraq.

Due to the deterioration of the security situation, there is a discussion in Germany about whether German soldiers should continue to be stationed there. German Green Party President Robert Berber called for the withdrawal of all German soldiers from Iraq.

In response, German Federal defense minister Krapp kalenbauer said in a statement after a conference call with Chancellor Angela Merkel, foreign minister, interior minister and prime ministers Office Minister on the evening of the 4th local time that the latest US approach is based on domestic considerations in Washington and is not part of the action to combat the Islamic state international alliance, which has yet to succeed.

Krapp Karenbauer stressed that Iraq cannot fall into chaos or extremist hands, so the key point at present is not to relax the attack on Islamic state.

We will continue to work with our partners to fight against the Islamic state and contribute to regional stability. The statement said.

Prior to this, German Foreign Minister Maas has said through social media that the U.S. military action has failed to make it easier to ease tensions, and that the current situation in the whole region needs to be prevented from escalating. German federal government deputy spokesman demer stressed that regional conflicts can only be resolved through diplomatic channels.

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