US medias inventory of the size of US forces in the Middle East or potential targets of Iran

 US medias inventory of the size of US forces in the Middle East or potential targets of Iran

Iraq: about 6000 troops

U.S. officials would not say how many U.S. troops there are in Iraq and where they are based. It is estimated that 6000 troops are stationed throughout the country.

Iraq is caught in a confrontation between the United States and Iran, and the situation is extremely tense. This has made the countrys US citizens and facilities a focus of attention.

U.S. officials are also secretive about the number and location of U.S. troops in Syria. As many as 800 troops remain in the country after the trump administration abruptly announced its withdrawal in October 2019. At that time, the number of garrisons was about 2000. The international crisis research group, based in Brussels, has warned that the U.S. presence in Tami on the Syria Jordan border is now a potential flashpoint as troops backed by Iran and Iran are deployed nearby.

Afghanistan: about 14000 troops

The international crisis research organization has warned that Afghanistan, with about 14000 U.S. troops, could become another arena for U.S. - Iraqi competition..

Data picture: operational data map of US Army in Afghanistan. (DOD website)

Photo: US Air Force KC-135 refueling fleet deployed at Qatars Uday air force base. (DOD website)

Saudi Arabia: about 3000 troops

In October 2019, the United States announced that it would send additional troops to Saudi Arabia as tensions with Iran continue to increase. Saudi Arabia and Iran have always been regional rivals: the two countries participated in the proxy war in Yemen.

Bahrain has a U.S. naval base with thousands of troops stationed or passing by. The island nation is a close ally of Saudi Arabia and supports Trumps tough stance on Iran. Bahrain also suppressed the Shiite uprising in 2011, further antagonizing the Iranian government.

Oman: hundreds of troops

Oman has only a few hundred US soldiers. Last March, it signed an agreement to allow American aircraft and warships to use some of Omans airports and ports.

Most importantly, Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula, close to the Strait of Hormuz, the worlds most important oil throat. Its also where the United States and Iran have been locked in a tanker standoff for months.

United Arab Emirates: up to 5000 troops

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