Pompeio: if Iran retaliates, the United States will target more Iranian leaders

 Pompeio: if Iran retaliates, the United States will target more Iranian leaders

Pompeio was interviewed by many American TV media on Sunday morning

On Sunday morning, pompeio interviewed a number of US television media, claiming that if Iran dares to retaliate against the United States because of Sulaimanis death, the United States will let Iran and its leadership bear the consequences.

In the interview, pompeio is still defending Trumps beheading action against senior Iranian general Sulaimani, and even blames the attack on the Iranian general on the Iranian nuclear agreement signed by the Obama administration.

However, pompeio still did not say that he had claimed to kill Sulaimani because of the source of the news that Sulaimani would carry out an imminent attack on the United States.

In addition, with regard to the voting result of the Iraqi parliament demanding that all US troops withdraw from Iraq, ponpeio admitted that the US troops would stay in Iraq to continue fighting with is.

If Iran retaliates, it retaliates

Im involved in the discussion and decision-making process - I understand how we will respond forcefully and fiercely if the Iranian leaders make a bad decision, pompeio said in CNNs state of the Union program. We hope they wont, but if they do, the United States will respond.

We will defend the interests of the United States firmly and in the manner prescribed by law.

On Sunday morning, pompeio was interviewed by six American TV news. In his speech, pompeio echoed Trumps tweet on Saturday, saying that in response to Irans retaliatory attacks on US assets and citizens, where to attack Iran has been selected..

On Saturday, trump tweeted that the United States had chosen 52 places of great importance to Iran and its culture at a very high level, and that if Iran retaliated, it would attack those places quickly and severely. .

The New York Times points out that it is against international law to target cultural sites as military targets. Trumps statement was also widely condemned.

On Sunday afternoon, trump added that his tweet was informing Congress that assuming Iran attacks any US personnel or US targets, the US will respond quickly and thoroughly, and may respond in a disproportionate manner.

On Sunday, when several TV hosts asked him whether the United States would attack Irans cultural sites, pompeio didnt respond positively. He told ABCs this week program that the United States would act in accordance with the law..

Pompeio stressed that the losses caused by any attack launched by Iran and its allies against the interests of the United States will be borne by Iran and its leadership..

Iranian officials also responded strongly to trumps tweet on Saturday that targeted 52 Iranian cultural sites.. According to mojtaba zonnour, chairman of the national security and foreign policy committee of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, Iran will retaliate and attack the same number of locations if the United States attacks 52 locations in Iran (trump claims that the number of 52 comes from the number of American hostages kidnapped by Iranians in 1979), the New York Times reported.

Zonortu, chairman of the national security and foreign policy committee of Iran, from radio freedom of Iran

According to the New York Times, US military officials said Sunday that the military would delay military action against the Islamic state (is) in an all-out response to retaliation by Iran and its allies.

Dismissive of Iraqs demand for US withdrawal

Pompeio also issued a statement on the Iraqi parliaments vote Sunday for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

The Iraqi parliament passed a resolution on Sunday calling on the government to terminate the military presence of foreign forces in Iraq, Reuters, IRNA and other media reported Friday.

Special session of the Iraqi parliament from the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency

Although we may face internal and external difficulties, in principle and in practice, this is still the best choice for Iraq, Iraqi Shiite leader and Prime Minister Adil Abdel Mahdi said at a special session of the Iraqi parliament on Sunday

The United States is the one who is ready to help the Iraqi people fight for what they deserve, and we will continue that mission to defeat terrorism in Isis and elsewhere.

Because of Obama, we have to fight

According to CCTV news, the Iranian government said Friday that in the fifth stage of suspending the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran has lifted all restrictions on the number of centrifuges imposed by the Iranian nuclear agreement. This means that Irans nuclear program will no longer be subject to any restrictions (including enrichment capacity, concentration percentage, quantity and R & D of concentrated substances), and from now on, Irans nuclear program will continue to advance in accordance with the technical requirements of Irans nuclear program.

On May 8, 2018, the trump administration announced its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement signed by former US President Barack Obama in 2015 and unilaterally tore up the Iran nuclear agreement. The agreement was signed in July 2015 by Iran with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany.

Unsurprisingly, in an interview, he said that the current war with Iran was started with the Iranian nuclear agreement led by the Obama administration.

Pompeio told CNN that although Iran and its allies restrained attacks on US forces during the implementation of the nuclear agreement, pompeio argued that the agreement gave Iran freedom of movement to expand its regional activities.

Former Obama administration officials working in the Middle East retort that trump and his deputys actions are the main culprit in putting the United States and its citizens at risk.

Iraqs launch of a parliamentary vote on the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces is just the beginning of a series of predictable consequences of Trumps unwittingly escalating tensions with Iran, said Jeffrey Prescott, senior director of Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Gulf region at President Obamas National Security Council You should expect Iran to accelerate its nuclear program.

The bottom line is: trump and pompeio promised to exert maximum pressure after withdrawing from Irans nuclear agreement, so that we can build a new round of negotiations and sign a new agreement , so as to further restrict Irans nuclear program and stop Irans regional expansion. Prescott added, but none of this has happened.

According to the New York Times, policy analysts in Iran and the United States generally believe that the trump administrations killing of senior Iranian general suleymani and other actions do not seem to be out of greater strategic planning.

The attack did not change the problem. The United States still has no clear strategic plan for Iran. What are we going to achieve? said Dalia Dassa Kay, an Iranian expert at Rand, a comprehensive US strategic research firm? If the purpose of maximum pressure is to make Iran behave more normatively or sign a better nuclear agreement, it is difficult to see that this attack has any contribution to the realization of these goals.

Were authorized by Congress

Pompeio on Sunday still did not give any details, he said before the intelligence show Sulaimani plans to the United States Interests in the Middle East, imminent attack is from where the intelligence. According to the New York Times, some Pentagon officials said there was no special intelligence in Iran except for some daily risk alert..

According to the New York Times, Trumps and pompeios comments, as a direct push to kill suleymani, have apparently increased tensions between them and Congress. In Congress, Democrats and some Republicans say the trump administration has no right to wage a war with Iran.

Wont the assassination of suleymani develop into a war that threatens the lives of every American soldier and diplomat in the Middle East? Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul tweeted

The New York Times said that with the start of this weeks new session of Congress, lawmakers will put pressure on trump, pompeio and other senior government officials on issues such as the source of relevant intelligence and the future war authorization for military strikes against Iran.

The New York Times noted that after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the U.S. Congress made an open ended war authorization to the executive branch in order to retaliate against al Qaeda.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence tweeted Friday linking Sulaimani and Iran to 9 / 11 in an attempt to defend Trumps killing of Sulaimani.

According to burns, Sulaimani assisted in the secret transportation of 10 of the 12 terrorists who carried out the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks to Afghanistan..

Last Friday, national security adviser Robert c.obrien also stressed that the attack on Sulaimani was a legitimate act authorized by Congress.