A blitz? Is the United States ready to pay four major political costs?

 A blitz? Is the United States ready to pay four major political costs?

Iran announced Friday that it will no longer be bound by the comprehensive agreement on Irans nuclear issue, triggering European diplomats concerns about the near death of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

It is not difficult to find out that the US governments decision to eliminate the threat of suleymani, the senior general of the Iranian military, and its strong display of military deterrence may bring about considerable political and diplomatic costs.

One is the collapse of the Iranian nuclear agreement. The associated press believes that Irans statement is the clearest nuclear proliferation threat ever issued by this middle east country, which will aggravate the arms race and regional tensions in the Middle East. Some analysts believe that this node announced that Iran is free from the constraints of the Iran nuclear agreement, which is conducive to Irans understanding to some extent.

Second, the Iraqi National Assembly voted to expel US troops. Many American politicians believe that the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq is one of the most far-reaching political consequences that Sulaimanis death may bring, which will impact the efforts of the United States to fight against the extremist organization Islamic state and further bring Iraq into the scope of Irans influence.

Third, the willingness of Western allies to cooperate has subsided. European countries only called for restraint and stressed that more conflicts are not in our interests. US Secretary of state Pompeio, in a 3 interview with reporters, complained about Europes failure to give the US support less than expected. The New York Times reported that the US and China ASEAN countries were happy to see the US suppress Iran, and at the same time worried that they would become Irans Revenge targets. Keep quiet about the incident.

Fourth, Iran has turned from an internal crisis to a common enemy. According to the Wall Street Journal, another significant impact of Sulaimanis death was to disrupt the US strategy of suppressing Iran. Influenced by factors such as US economic sanctions and the decline of domestic fuel subsidies, Iran has demonstrated recently. The US originally expected to divide Iran from the inside, but the blatant assassination of senior Iranian officials undoubtedly ignited the anti US sentiment of the Iranian people.