Geng Wenqiangs poor performance in the world cup of steel frame snowmobile

 Geng Wenqiangs poor performance in the world cup of steel frame snowmobile

Geng Wenqiang, who has participated in the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, ranked 11th and 14th in the world cup in the Lake Placid of the United States this season, and 11th in the Winterberg last year. His best result in the world cup is to break into the top ten in the 2017-2018 season at Lake Placid and finish seventh. Yan finished 20th and 11th in the world cup at Lake Placid this season. In the past two seasons, he has only participated in four world cups. This year, he and his teammate Geng Wenqiang plan to participate in seven races.

The starting sequence of the first round is 14th and 18th respectively. Yan Wengang ranked No. 8 with 5.01 seconds of departure time and 57.05 seconds of final result, but the second half of the second round did not perform well, only ranked No. 17, and the final total score ranked No. 13. Geng Wenqiang finished 14th and 15th in the two trials, and finally ranked 14th.

After the race, both players said that the curve and slope of Winterberg track are not difficult, mainly testing the starting skills, but both of them are not satisfied with their starting results, and think that too much force causes some deformation of technical movements.

On the whole, its a little better than last season, said Yan Wengang, 23. The starting technology of this project is very important, and some difficult circuits also test body control. I am still young and have room for improvement in strength and technology. I believe that I will make a leap in strength before the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Finally, Yin Chengbin, a South Korean gold medalist in this event, won the 10th World Cup championship in his career with a score of 1:52.95. Two German players, Alexander sner and Axel Juncker, finished second and third.

In the womens competition, Germanys Tina Herman won the championship with a score of 1:56.21, while Canadas mirera laneva only came second with a narrow gap of 3%. Austrias Janine flock won the bronze medal. Lin Huiyang, a Chinese player, failed to enter the second round after the last one in the first round and finally ranked 21st.

The next leg of the world cup will be held in the French ski resort of La Plagne on January 10.

Source: Xinhua news agency, editor in charge: Lu Ting, ns5242