All the main players lost to Liverpools second team! Ancelotti rarely criticizes the whole team

 All the main players lost to Liverpools second team! Ancelotti rarely criticizes the whole team

Compared with the last Premier League game, Liverpool changed nine players in the starting lineup, only Gomes and Milner continued to start, many substitutes and young players started. In addition, Liverpool captain Milner was injured and left after only nine minutes. It can be said that the Reds almost played with the second team. But in this case, Everton is still unable to contend with the final 0-1 loss was eliminated.

In the first half of the match, Liverpool shot six times, one of which was right, while Everton shot eight times and three times, which was dominant. But in the second half, Liverpool shot six times and shot four times, while Everton only shot three times and shot zero, showing a sharp decline. In the 70th minute of the match, 18-year-old Jones scored a goal in the forbidden area to help Liverpool win 1-0. Everton played well in the first half of the hour, but Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian saved their shot, the mirror said. In the last 10 minutes of the first half and the whole second half, Everton seemed to disappear on the court

Everton manager Ancelotti said after the game: to be honest, we didnt play well enough in the second half. I havent talked to the players after the game, but I want to talk to them, I want to tell the players that they are not good enough, I will tell them. In the second half, we couldnt create scoring opportunities as we did in the first half. We played the right tactics on the court. The fact that we didnt score in the second half affected us. We lost our attention in the game, didnt do well enough, and we didnt create enough opportunities in the front court.

Ancelotti added: its not a psychological reason, it doesnt affect the idea that we want to play a good game. We failed because we didnt maintain the same intensity in the second half and we lost confidence. I told the players at half-time to move on, but they lost confidence and intensity. We have a whole week to prepare for the next game. Since I took office, we havent had enough training time before the game, so its important to improve the teams performance and confidence.

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