5g blessing, smart wear industry resurrects from the dead

 5g blessing, smart wear industry resurrects from the dead

Whats the reason for smart wear to ignite?

With the coming of 5g era, smart wear has become the key entrance to the era of mobile Internet and Internet of things.

Smart wear is not a human wearable device in a narrow sense, but an intelligent future covering all industries. With the development of medical demand and driven by medical intelligent wearable, experts predict that intelligent wearable market will usher in a new wave of upsurge.

5g technology combustion supporting intelligent wearable Market

Looking back, most of the manufacturers that rushed to the market in 2013 have retreated, and all kinds of intelligent wearable products that once were hot have disappeared or sold themselves to giants.

But will smart wearable devices really never have a chance?

Of course not. According to the data released by IDC, the shipment volume of intelligent wearable products is still increasing year by year.

IDC data shows that since 2016, Chinas wearable equipment shipments have increased year by year, and the year-on-year growth rate of shipments in the first two quarters of 2019 has remained above 30%.

In the second quarter of 2019, Chinas wearable equipment shipments were 23.07 million, an increase of 34.3% year-on-year; among them, the basic wearable equipment (wearable equipment that does not support third-party applications) shipments were 18.46 million, an increase of 31.9% year-on-year, and the intelligent wearable equipment shipments were 4.61 million, an increase of 45.0% year-on-year. It is predicted that the total number will reach 80 million in 2019.

The data shows that smart wearable is still popular in the market. 5g makes the interconnection of everything come true because of the improvement of transmission speed, low delay, low power consumption and connection of more devices.

In the medical field, as the largest category of intelligent hardware of the Internet of things, intelligent wear can well penetrate into the health care scene.

In the field of agriculture, agricultural intelligent wear liberates people from the traditional field work. It can sow, fertilize, control and harvest crops. At the same time, all kinds of real-time data of the environment are collected in time by the sensors of crops, so as to carry out targeted tracking and strategy customization; according to the data of insect damage, the pesticide dose for spraying is formulated.

In the field of animal industry, the intelligent wearing of animal industry in the period of frequent occurrence of swine flu and animal flu can better monitor the growth and health of livestock, and can be treated and controlled at the first time in the influenza epidemic, so as to minimize the harm.

Personalized and high-quality experience service will become a trend

It is not difficult to find out the reason for the cold of smart wear in the past few years.

First of all, some intelligent wear is not just needed. In the early stage, users were given the aura of high technology and intelligence just to catch up with the new trend and fashion. However, for non rigid demand, it is not sustainable.

Secondly, most of the smart wear markets are mainly concentrated in smart watches and smart bracelets. The homogeneity of products is serious, lack of innovation, and even towards the vicious competition of price war. Low price is not the main purchasing driver for users. Therefore, users will become rational, and their enthusiasm will fall back to a certain extent.

Moreover, the intelligent wearing function is too simple to meet the needs of users, just like chicken ribs.

In fact, the iterative upgrading of the network makes peoples demand concept of intelligent products turn to the demand of experience. Personalized and high-quality experience is the real just need. Inconvenient use and poor experience perception are the most unacceptable factors for users.

Cooperation with industrial chain is the best way out

Although intelligent wearable devices have been cold in the market for a time, even suffered a devastating blow.

The first problem is hardware. The intelligent wearable device is not a new product, but its technology development has not gradually touched the ceiling like the smart phone, and there is still a long way to go.

At present, most wearable devices have the problem of insufficient human-computer interaction. Most wearable devices are light and smaller.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a smaller, integrated sensor to meet the needs. The development process is long and the cost is high. It is too difficult for a manufacturer to develop. Therefore, it is urgent for manufacturers in the industry to cooperate and develop together.

In addition, the current wearable application ecosystem is difficult to unify, the product homogeneity is serious, and the user privacy security is difficult to guarantee.

To solve these problems, we need the cooperation of all parties in the industrial chain to improve the construction of the ecosystem. Smart wear is not a sensor for traditional wearable products, but also needs to consider the use scenarios, use logic, use restrictions and use ethics of each wearable product. Only when the industry chain cooperates, can we achieve a win-win situation.

Source: 5g industrial circle editor in charge: Liao ziyao, nbjs10040