The man stabbed the victim at the door of the market office: money stopped me

 The man stabbed the victim at the door of the market office: money stopped me

Mr. Wang, who sells live geese in the live bird trading area of Nanning haijixing market, told reporters that at 12 oclock yesterday, a customer parked his car in front of his stall. After a while, a man in white came up and asked the customer to drive away.

Mr. Wang, the stall owner: a man brought a group of people and said to drive away the car immediately. If I dont drive away, I will lock the car. Then I took out the big lock. My son asked him who are you and how to lock the car? The man said Ill lock you if I want to, or Ill see the car later, and Ill blow you up.

Mr. Wang said that seeing the other partys arrogance, his son reported to the management of the live poultry trading area, but when he returned to the stall, he still had a conflict with the man.

Mr. Wang: he took a mobile phone and slapped my son on the head. They started fighting. He wanted to take two stones and slap my son. My son quickly picked up the two stones and went to the market office.

Seeing Mr. Wangs son running to the market office, the man caught up with a knife in hand, and there was a fierce fight at the door of the market office.

Mr. Zhao, manager of live bird trading area of Nanning haijixing Market: he came for help. When we found out the situation, we rushed out to stop it and grabbed the knife.

Mr. Wang, the stall owner: cut and stab the little belly from here. Just in time, my son has a wallet with money in his belly, so he cant stab it. The wallet is cracked.

After being taken away by the people, the man and Mr. Wangs son separated, but not long after that, the man took a longer knife and chased after Mr. Wangs son.

Mr. Zhao, manager of live bird trading area of Nanning haijixing Market: he ran back again and the knife was paid.

In order to avoid the mans pursuit, Mr. Wangs son hid in the market security room, and didnt dare to come out until the police arrived. At present, the man in white and Mr. Wangs son have been taken back by the police for investigation. As for the causes of the conflict, Zhao said that their living poultry market area D is only one way away from the other companys management. Usually, the management is limited by the yellow line, which is under the management of Zhao. Yesterdays conflict may be related to parking.

Mr. Zhao, manager of live bird trading area of Nanning haijixing Market: yesterday, the customer should have stopped in the line, because the line is quite large. Maybe the car on his side is loading and unloading sideways, maybe the line is busy on his side, maybe the car on that side cant pass, so he came to ask his (customers) car to give way, in which they had a quarrel.

It wasnt long after that. At 4 p.m. yesterday, another injury occurred in the F5 parking shed in the market of haijixing. Mr. Wei, the truck driver, was injured in two ribs.

Mr. Wei, truck driver: a group of people came here and said that he bought the parking space and told me to turn it over. He said that you should hurry up. I said that you need to pump up quickly to drive away. Then the truck was behind me. Then I drove a tricycle to stop me from going. I said that if you dont let me go, he said you wont go. When he came, he hit me.

Finally, after Mr. Wei called for help, the group fled. Mr. Wei said that he has been delivering goods in the market of haijixing for seven or eight years. He also stopped at the parking place before, but he did not know why the unidentified people were recruited yesterday. At present, Jiangnan police station of Nanning Public Security Bureau has filed the case for investigation.

How arrogant!

Hope the police can solve the case as soon as possible

Reassure the public

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