Alipays annual bill comes! Netizens: spend so much? Its not enough for me to sell

 Alipays annual bill comes! Netizens: spend so much? Its not enough for me to sell

On Monday morning, the annual horror show went on the hot search - Alipays annual bill came. After checking the bill, everyone was terrified. Where can I get so much money? Its not enough to sell me for spending so much!

Here comes the Alipay bill.

What about the bill? Open Alipay APP, enter the bill in the search bar, or enter the I and bills on Alipay home page.

The authors annual bill.

At the same time, users can see how many times a year they use the mobile phone scanning code to travel by bus, and how many times are they free to run errands with Alipay?

The bill also summarizes the users movement data in 2019, including the cumulative steps and the number of days over 5000 steps in the whole year, as well as the cumulative kg of emission reduction. Several friends helped water and collect energy.

If the user participates in mutual treasure, the bill will also disclose the help data of mutual treasure - helping 15325 families through difficulties.

It is worth noting that the annual bill also reveals that the gathering of five blessings will be held again during the Spring Festival.

The last page is the total expenditure of the whole year. The bills will be classified and the expenditure data of each single item will be calculated. But it is more restrained than 2018, no longer showing the ranking of your expenses beat XX% of peers. Students who want to show off their wealth can only show it by sending a circle of friends.

After reading the annual bill, netizens said:

Do not see NetEase cloud annual summary also know what they love to listen to, but do not look at the Alipay bill, really do not know how much money they spend.

I think its fake. Where did I get so much money?

How is the bill?

When you see the annual bill, your first reaction is to doubt life: I dont have so much money! The second response is to manually query the annual bill details. But sorry, annual query is temporarily unavailable, only monthly query.

Alipay prompts that annual statistics are not available during the festival period, and is expected to resume at 23:30 on January 6th.

Annual statistics are temporarily unavailable.

On the left is the 2019 annual bill that Alipay just released. On the right is the annual data that has been querying with Alipay bills. Obviously, the data displayed in the annual bill is not as detailed as the manual query on the right.

In addition to the total number of questions, there are details. Because the bill does not give the standard of home life, housing property and other classifications. Why did study and fitness cost 4800 yuan? I didnt sign up for any study class or apply for gym annual card. What is the money?

2019 bill and previous query bookkeeping comparison by year.

Earlier, some netizens Tucao, the annual bills will often be repeated calculation, they do not have so much money, but the amount of money shown by Alipay is very large, because Alipay calculates financial transfers and other data has been calculated as expenditures, but in fact many situations are left hand to right hand. And the refund of shopping will not be shown in the bill, resulting in a big error with the actual expenditure.

People think the annual bill data is not accurate. Group chat screenshots

But now, if you want to find out whether you have spent so much money, you can only wait for the recovery of Alipay query function.

How much did you spend? Do you think the bill is accurate?

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of China News Network