Political commissar of the South China Sea Fleet condolences to the families of martyr Wang Wei: we have never forgotten 19 years

 Political commissar of the South China Sea Fleet condolences to the families of martyr Wang Wei: we have never forgotten 19 years

In January, in Beijing, the wind outside the window is chilly and chilly, and the warmth in the room is warm and harmonious. General Yang Zhiliang, political member of the South China Sea fleet and major general he Yuehua, political member of the air force of the South China Sea fleet, made a special trip to the home of martyr Wang Wei, the sea and Air Guard, to bring sincere sympathy and concern from the fleet Party committee and officers and soldiers to the families of the heroes.

I come to see you on behalf of the fleet Party committee and all officers and men. Wang Wei is our great hero. The motherland and the people will never forget him. Political commissar Yang had a cordial conversation with Wang Weis family members to learn more about their health and living conditions, focusing on asking if there were any difficulties that needed help from the organization. Ruan Guoqin, Wang Weis wife, said with emotion, Wang Weis love is my love. I will devote my whole life to the country. Thank you for your concern and concern. I will continue to take good care of my parents and children, tell Wang Weis story, and do something for more martyrs of the military and the society. Wang Weis son gave the team hat he designed to the comfort group. Political commissar Yang encouraged him to have such lofty aspirations and work hard. Like his parents, he dared to fight when the motherland needed him.

Comrade Wang Weis loyalty to the party, obedience to orders and assiduous training are examples for all officers and soldiers. Political commissar Yang said that we should learn from his patriotism, revolutionary heroism and fearlessness in the face of strong enemies and the courage to show the sword.

President Xi pointed out that history cannot forget that the heroic sacrifice of soldiers is always worthy of respect and commemoration. In the past 19 years, the motherland and the people have never forgotten that the whole country has been united as a whole. Shenzhou, Change, Jiaolong and Wukong patrol have made Chinas comprehensive national strength increasingly prosperous. In the past 19 years, navy officers and soldiers have never forgotten that domestic aircraft carriers have been handed over and listed, J-15 carrier based fighters have been delivered in batches, 055 million tons of large-scale drives have been launched successfully, and generations of soldiers in the South China Sea will remember the pain and loss Strive to be strong, work hard to build a world-class Navy in an all-round way, and never let the historical tragedy repeat. In the past 19 years, the heroic family has never forgotten that Wang Weis son inherited his fathers will and continues to move forward. Now, he has put on military uniform, cherished the dream of building a strong army, and guarded the ten thousand li sea border of the motherland.

Looking back is to keep awake; commemoration is to move forward better. The officers and soldiers of the fleet will devote themselves to the vivid practice of preparing for war and fighting. According to the requirements of President Xi Jinpings mobilization order for training in the new year, they will focus on leading the training by war, training by system, testing by confrontation, laying a solid foundation, stressing the style of training, focusing on the opponents of the strong enemy, focusing on the practical military training, and strive to forge a strong maritime force that can fight and win in the war.

The motherland will choose those who are loyal to the motherland

The motherland will always remember those who devote themselves to it

April 1, 2001

A U.S. reconnaissance plane violated our airspace in the South China Sea

Our army then sent two planes to track and intercept

The U.S. plane suddenly collided with my J-8 II

Wang Wei, pilot of 81192

No more Homecoming

Hero Wang Wei

His life is set at 33 forever

Fixed in the brave and bright smile

Set in a happy and sweet picture with his wife

April 24, 2001

The Central Military Commission awarded Wang Wei the honorary title of sea and Air Guard

And the first class model Medal

The Navy Party committee approved him as a revolutionary martyr

The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the all China Youth Federation awarded the May 4th Youth Medal

u25b2 Wang Wei takes a group photo in front of the fighter with his young son

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