Women cut their wrists and commit suicide in the early hours of the morning

 Women cut their wrists and commit suicide in the early hours of the morning

After arriving at the scene, Zhang Xizheng learned that the woman was carrying a fruit knife around her neck, claiming that someone would commit suicide when entering the house. In order to avoid further emotional excitement, Zhang did not enter the room, but stood outside the door, opened a crack in the door, and carefully observed the movement in the room. At this time, in addition to the suicide woman in the house, there are also two friends and a property management staff, who are constantly persuading. However, the woman has been in a hysterical state of crying loudly, shouting no one cares about me!

Half an hour later, the girl friend quietly walked out of the door and told Zhang Xi that the fruit knife in the womans hand had been put away by her. However, the woman is still very emotional. At this time, the medical staff on the scene anxiously said: the outdoor temperature is low, the bleeding time is long, and if you dont see a doctor again, the woman is prone to shock.

At this time, Zhang Xizheng, who was standing outside the door and observing, saw from the crack of the door that the woman concerned said she wanted to go to the toilet, and then heard the sound of her entering the toilet. Here comes the chance! Zhang Xizheng immediately arranged for his colleagues to stand in the room and get ready, while he quietly walked into the room.

When I felt that the woman began to open the door from inside, Zhang Xi was suddenly running through the door, and then rushed in! All of a sudden, he grasped the womans arm firmly with both hands, and raised her cut wrist high.

After the emergency dressing by medical staff, Zhang Xi and the rescue workers together set up the struggling woman and walked into the elevator. In the elevator, seeing that the blood from the wounded part of the womans wrist has been dyed red gauze, Zhang Xi is shouting: for your good! Be safe! Avoid more damage after struggling.

In the process of rescue, Zhang Xi is contacting the womens parents through multiple search. The suicide woman who calmed down after escaping was very regretful and sincerely thanked Zhang Xi, thank you, police uncle! It is understood that the woman was in a low mood after drinking that night and wanted to choose this extreme way to end her life.

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