Chinese female tourists have been missing in Australia for two weeks

 Chinese female tourists have been missing in Australia for two weeks

Source: Victoria police website

Overseas network, Jan. 6, local time, Jan. 6, Australian police released a message, seeking public assistance to find a false Chinese female tourist to the country, she has been missing for two weeks.

Ling Yaping, a Chinese citizen, came to Australia from China for a holiday, according to the website of Victoria police. On December 23 local time, Ms. Ling was found missing from the group hotel in Parkville, and her whereabouts have been unknown since then. All her belongings were left in the hotel room.

Police in Victoria say they are worried about Ms Lings safety because she has no relatives or friends in Australia. Police also released photos of the Chinese citizen, hoping someone would recognize her and provide information about her whereabouts. Ms. Ling is 1.62 meters tall, medium height, with brown eyes and black shoulder length hair. The police urged anyone who knew about Ms Ling to contact the Melbourne west police station.

It is reported that the recent wildfires in Australia, Victoria is not optimistic. According to Australian media reports earlier, up to now, two people have been confirmed dead in Victoria, and more than 1000 firefighters are fighting against the mountain fire.

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