Iraqs decision to end the presence of U.S. troops among the Iraqi people: the U.S. Embassy should also be closed

 Iraqs decision to end the presence of U.S. troops among the Iraqi people: the U.S. Embassy should also be closed

US forces in Iraq. (source: Reuters)

Overseas network, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) - on the afternoon of Jan. 5 local time, the Iraqi parliament held a special meeting to reach a resolution on the issue of US troops in Iraq. Earlier, the US assassinated Irans top general and Iraqi militia commander, a move interpreted by the media as Iraqs response to the incident.

According to Russia today (RT) news on Friday, the resolution was passed anonymously, instructing the Iraqi government to cancel military assistance to the U.S. - led coalition, and requiring the Iraqi government to close its airspace use right to coalition forces. The resolution states that the Iraqi government must strive to stop the presence of any foreign forces on Iraqi land and prohibit them from using Iraqi land, airspace or territorial waters for any reason. According to the report, some Western military forces may remain for training, so the resolution also requires that the Iraqi military leadership must report the number of foreign trainers required for Iraqs national security. The resolution also stipulates that the Iraqi government will complain to the United Nations Security Council about the violation of its sovereignty by the United States.

The Iraqi parliament voted for foreign troops to leave. (source: Reuters)

Iraqi caretaker Prime Minister Mahdi said at Sundays emergency parliamentary meeting that the U.S. side had informed the Iraqi military of the timing of the planned air strikes before planning them. He stressed that the Iraqi government denies that it will continue to allow the United States to carry out this operation and that it is in the interests of the United States and Iraq to terminate the presence of foreign troops in Iraq. Iraqi people should go further on this issue. In a letter, Muqtada al Sadr, an influential imam, said Iraq should close the US embassy in Iraq.

At least eight people, including Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards al Quds brigade, were killed in three U.S. rocket attacks on Baghdad International Airport in the early hours of this month. Washington claimed that the assassination of Sulaimani was an act of self-defense because he planned to attack American citizens. After the attack, the United States recommended that all American civilians leave Iraq. The U.S. - led coalition in Iraq also suspended all training operations and contracted its forces to prepare for retaliatory attacks.

Sulaimani (source: New York Post)

Tehran called it international terrorism and vowed to avenge the popular officer. Abbas, Irans Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs, said that Iran will not yield to any threat or threat, and stands ready to respond to or take action against any threat. Hossein dehghan, a military adviser to Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, even said that Irans response must be to take military action, targeting US military bases.. Many Iranians held demonstrations to protest the assassination of Sulaimani by the United States.

In addition, American air strikes and assassinations have also attracted international condemnation. Russias foreign ministry said the killing of Iranian generals by the United States would increase tensions across the Middle East. Speaking with French President Marcon, Putin also expressed concern about the death of Iranian general Sulaimani caused by the US missile attack, and both sides agreed that the US action might cause extreme deterioration of the situation in the region. United Nations Secretary General Guterres also issued a statement expressing deep concern about the recent escalation of the situation in the Gulf region. Guterres said that at present, leaders of all parties must exercise maximum restraint and the world cannot afford another war in the Gulf region.

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