Pompeio worries about Irans revenge on Hezbollah: US troops will return home in coffins

 Pompeio worries about Irans revenge on Hezbollah: US troops will return home in coffins

Pompeio said Iran is likely to attack US troops. (source: AFP)

Overseas, Jan. 6 - U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Sunday (5) admitted that after the U.S. killed the senior commander of Iran, Iran is likely to try to attack the U.S. military. After the US military assassinated soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade, Iran and its allies said they would launch a revenge campaign against the US military presence.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, pompeio said the United States believes that Iran is indeed likely to make a decision to hunt down some U.S. troops, military forces in Iraq or U.S. soldiers in northeastern Syria. Pompeio warned that it would be a big mistake if Iran were determined to hunt US troops. Pompeio said the United States is preparing various responses, including responding to cyber attacks. As for whether the U.S. military will withdraw from Iraq, Peng said that when Iraqi leaders and the government want the U.S. to leave, the U.S. side will have to examine the U.S. action. It is reported that the United States has about 60000 soldiers in the region, including about 5200 in Iraq. After Sulaimani was killed, the United States ordered thousands more soldiers to the Middle East.

Hezbollah supporters marched for revenge against the US military. (source: Reuters)

Pompeios comments come as Iran also vowed to avenge its popular officers. Abbas, the vice minister in charge of political affairs of Irans foreign ministry, said that Iran will not yield to any threat or threat, and stands ready to respond to or take action against any threat. Hossein dehghan, a military adviser to Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, said the US assassinated Irans most important military commander, and that Irans response must be to take military action, targeting US military bases.. It was the United States that started the war, and they should take appropriate responsibility for their actions, he said

On Sunday, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, also called for revenge against the US military. Nasrallah said it is not only Irans responsibility to respond to the killing, but also its allies responsibility. But Nasrallah also said American civilians should not be targeted. Nasrallah said, the fair punishment is for the US military presence in the region: US military bases, US naval ships, and every US officer in our country and region, who will be returned to their hometown in coffins.

The assassinated Sulaimani (source: New York Post)

Later in the same day, the Iraqi parliament held a special meeting to reach a resolution on the issue of US forces in Iraq, calling for the end of the presence of foreign forces in Iraq. The resolution prohibits foreign forces from using Iraqs land, airspace or territorial waters for any reason. It also stipulated that the Iraqi government would complain to the United Nations Security Council about the violation of its sovereignty by the United States.

Earlier, US air strikes and assassinations also attracted international condemnation. Russias foreign ministry said the killing of Iranian generals by the United States would increase tensions across the Middle East. Speaking with French President Marcon, Putin also expressed concern about the death of Iranian general Sulaimani caused by the US missile attack, and both sides agreed that the US action might cause extreme deterioration of the situation in the region.

United Nations Secretary General Guterres also issued a statement expressing deep concern about the recent escalation of the situation in the Gulf region. Guterres said that at present, leaders of all parties must exercise maximum restraint and the world cannot afford another war in the Gulf region.

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