Missile forces across Iran are on high alert

 Missile forces across Iran are on high alert

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Overseas network, Jan. 6, recently, Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Holy City Brigade, was attacked and killed by the US military in Iraq, triggering an escalation of tensions in the Middle East. Several senior Iranian officials have warned that they will retaliate against the US. Foreign media quoted U.S. officials as saying that the U.S. side has found missile forces across Iran on high alert and is paying close attention.

An anonymous U.S. official revealed the news to Reuters Friday, saying: it is clear that [the missile forces in Iran] are on high alert. It is not clear whether Irans approach is to better prepare for defense or attack.

The U.S. official did not give more details about the incident, nor did he mention whether Irans missiles would target any particular target. But he said the US side was paying close attention at the moment.

Russias satellite news agency said the Reuters report came shortly after several explosions occurred in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on the night of 5 local time. In a statement, Iraq confirmed that three rockets had landed near the green zone. The green zone is the location of Iraqi government agencies and US and British embassies in Iraq.

At least eight people, including Sulaimani and muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi militia peoples mobilization organization, were killed Wednesday when the United States launched a rocket attack on Baghdad International Airport. After the attack, Iranians at all levels, including Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, vowed to retaliate. Many Iranians held demonstrations to protest the assassination of Sulaimani by the United States. The U.S. Defense Department said trump approved the drone attack on Sulaimani in Baghdad on the morning of the 2nd U.S. time, saying the decision was to prevent future attacks by Iran.. Later, the United States urged all its citizens to leave Iraq immediately..

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